Course Update

Biology AB- 18, 16, 12 Weeks

Hello Parents and Students,

As of Tuesday, March 17, 2015 all assignments have been graded and grades are up to date. A zero (0) in the grade-book means that an assignment on the schedule to be completed for this course was not submitted.

I am very concerned because there are still many assignments that are not being completed. Please keep track of what assignments are due. This semester is quickly coming to an end. The assignments that should be completed each day for the two week work period is outlined at the end of your syllabus.

If you are having any problems with understanding how to complete your assignments, please contact me immediately. I am here to assist you.

Please continue to work diligently to complete all assignments. The next assignment due date is Friday, March 27, 2015.
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GAVS Spring Break

GAVS Spring Break is April 6th- 10th !!!
  • The next Assignment due date is Friday, March 27th
  • All assignments will commence on April 13th
  • Students if you have a different Spring Break from GAVS, you can work ahead if you DO NOT intend to work on GAVS course work during your Spring Break.

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Amanda Holmes
Biology Instructor, Science Department