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September 4th

How have you been using Discovery Education?

What is Discovery Education?

Discovery Education offers a portfolio of opportunities for districts to meet students where they want to learn in the digital age. With award-winning digital content, interactive lessons, real time assessment, virtual experiences with some of Discovery's greatest talent, classroom contests & challenges, professional development and more — Discovery is leading the way in transforming classrooms and inspiring learning.

How does it apply to you?

I know we have had this resource in Forsyth County for years, but I felt that it was important to show you all the amazing tools that are offered through Discovery Education. I have included a few instructions below as well as a video that shows how to create a Board Builder. Please email me if you need help.

Discovery Education Board Builder

Please watch the video and then check out the link below for ways to use Board Builder with your students.

Wixie Tips

I have meet with most of the grade levels regarding Wixie. Below are a few videos to help you learn about all the tools and activities that Wixie offers. I have also include a few examples. It is not just a drawing tool for kids, but a way for you to look for activities or create your own activities to assign to your students. You can create videos and embed them into your itsLearning page. Please let me know if you would like my help. I have also created a folder for Wixie in itsLearning. Go to SBE Staff Information>2015-2015>Tech>Wixie.
Wixie Introduction
Wixie's Teacher Tools

Settles Bridge Elementary

Liz Pfister

Instructional Technology Specialist