Financial Advising

Kimberlee Keller

Your Future Depends on the Decisions You Make Today!

Everyone loves money. Some love it more then others, but who could blame them. Money is a major need and want in society today, and without money, you wouldn't have half the thing you have now. Money for some people is saved for emergencies, retirement, college, and many more. Believe it or not saving money is a major need, and it's a lot easier saving money in a bank account, then "saving" the money in a wallet.


- putting money aside for future use

* Many people save their money in saving accounts for retirement plans or for other forms of saving, but did you know you're not only helping yourself, but your helping the nation's economic growth as well.

* Unless you are ready, many people find themselves in financial hardships. Not only is saving money good in general, but it's there for emergencies; rainy day fund- an easily accessible stockpile of savings.

* When deciding on a career, be deciding on how much money you wish to save. Not only for emergencies, but for future retirement as well...

Three "Legs-" Social Security, company retirement plans, and personal savings

* "Consuming less now in order to consume more in the future"


- Money paid regularly in return for the use of borrowed funds (using the money you have saved to earn even more money)

* When investing, you have to decided would this idea make more then you paid for it when you started.

* Every investment involves some sort of risk, so they don't always turn out the way people would like them too. Which is why it's important to invest in your risk, before receiving the reward.

* Government bonds (the borrower promises to pay the lender a fixed rate of interest over the term of the loan, and pay the principal at the end of the term/ date of maturity) are safe and great investments

Ways to Save or Invest...


1.) Saving Account; slightly less liquid then checkable deposits, and easier to manage

- credit/ debit card

- saving funds

2.) Budget; a plan for spending and saving , based on ones income and estimated expenses

- buy the needs, not the wants

- make saving your number one budget


1.) Securities; investments that give their holders the right to receive some form of return/ profit

- stocks

- bonds

2.) Compounding; an investment to generate earnings that can be reinvested to earn more earnings

- compound interest

- rule of 72