Abraham Lincoln

by k.luna

early life

Abraham Lincoln was born in harden country Kentucky on February 12, 1809. He moved to knob creek when he was six years old. He went to school when he was six , he was bullied and called names like Abe link horn in school. Only had eighteen months of schooling .

Growing up

Growing up as Abraham Lincoln wasn't easy because he had to do so many things. He also had to go through very hard things because his mother had died and he had almost drowned when he was little.


Abraham Lincoln became a lawyer in 1834 Then ran for president but lost then he ran again and won and the first thing he wanted to do is to stop slavery because he did not want people to be half free half slaves so he declared war and that is what started the civil war and he was the commander in chief of the union army then they went of to war and won the slaves were finally free but some people weren’t excepting it so they got jealous.

Having kids and wife

Abraham Lincoln got married to Mary Todd Lincoln in 1842 then three of his children had died and he and his wife got depressed and Abraham just tried to keep his mind of it so he worked and worked then he found out another one of his children had died and all he did was work and work without stopping.