MacBeth "Peep" Show

Senior English Honors

Using the text to create a scene

The students worked in small groups to recreate a scene from an assigned act. It was a deliciously fun activity to complete the play.

Food as literature

We used Peeps, jelly beans, chocolate, candy crowns, gummy bears, celery, and broccoli to recreate the scene. It was sometimes tough to resist the temptation to eat our supplies. The gummy bears we creatively used to depict the blood and gore of the death scenes. Did you know MacBeth, or The Scottish Play, is considered one of the most violent of Shakespeare's plays?

See the amazing results...

By the pricking of my thumb, Something wicked this way comes.

What will we do next?

The students are writing a literary analysis paper on a variety of topics related to MacBeth. Also, we are moving on to our next book, Frankenstein. Throughout this trimester we have been looking at the theme of evil. Frankenstein will bring up some new discussion topics related to this idea.