January 2018

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What schools have you attended? I attended Robert E. Lee High School in Staunton, VA (2014) and then received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology, Law and Society at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA (2017). What is the best thing GRASP has done for you? GRASP helped me navigate the college world and assisted my family where previous knowledge was lacking. They assisted me to get the best education after high school! What are you currently doing? I am now an Administrative Assistant for Housing and Residence Life at George Mason University. What educational advice would you give to students? Take those "9ams" if it’s the best teacher. Always take the [best] professor even if it is an inconvenient time; you will be happier and have a better class experience with a professor that you bond with. Go to office hours! Knowing your professor outside of lecture helps create a relationship for future recommendations. What is the biggest educational challenge you have faced? Paying for school on your own is difficult. I have worked a job all throughout college, and have worked two jobs my last semester of college in order to cover all expenses. Balancing school, work, and a sorority was my biggest challenge, but also my biggest blessing to be able to do all of it and maintain a high GPA. Do you have any other comments about your experiences? I [graduated] with Honors at GMU and was the previous Chapter President of my sorority, Pi Beta Phi. I have maintained a 3.75+ GPA my entire career and could not be more blessed with the opportunities Fairfax and GMU have offered to me! Yes, I did graduate in 3.5! My AP credits helped me finish early.
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Although winter weather has provided some challenges in the early days of 2018, GRASP advisors, the heroes of GRASP, are back in schools helping seniors with their plans for after high school. That help includes everything from getting the FAFSA completed to applying for scholarships (including the GRASP Last Dollar Scholarship as well as the GRASP 2+2 Scholarship) to learning about workforce credential options. Having a post-secondary education/training plan before graduation is a crucial step for students to actually achieve their goals, and GRASP advisors are the cheerleaders who provide encouragement along the way!

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