The Dragon's Tale

The Biweekly Newsletter of the Kaohsiung American School

2019-2020, Issue #14: April 13

Dear KAS Families,


We thank you for your ongoing partnership in keeping students, staff, and our community safe during these unusual circumstances. Taiwan is one of the few places on earth where students are able to come together safely in schools, and we are so grateful that with everyone’s cooperation with our safety precautions, we are staying strong together as a school community. We have kept safe thus far, but we must remain vigilant in our fight against COVID-19, and persist in taking every possible precaution for the health and safety of our school community. More information about the school’s actions during COVID-19 is available here:

Even during challenging times, we are still forging ahead to create new opportunities for students. We are pleased to officially announce the beginning of the KAS Future Leader Program. Our Board of Directors led in creation of this new program, which will support students with knowledge, resources, connection, and support in professional fields. Through the KAS Future Leader Program, we will link students and alumni together with opportunities in our community for mentorship, research and lab work, internships, and volunteer work and community service.
即使是在這段艱難的時期,我們仍努力在為學生創造新的機會。我們在此很高興正式宣佈KAS未來領袖計畫的開始。 我們的董事會領導了此計畫的創建,藉此為學生在專業領域上提供知識、資源、人脈上的支持。透過KAS未來領袖計劃,我們將把學生、校友與社區中的機會串連在一起,以此計畫為學生和校友提供專業指導、研究、實驗室工作、實習以及志工服務與社區服務。

We are grateful to the South Taiwan Academy of Implant Dentistry for their founding partnerships in this endeavor. Our founding groups and clinics are ABC Dental Group, Special and Perfect Dental Clinic, Snore No More Dental Clinic, Oral Healthy Dental Clinic, and Dainty Dental Clinic. Each group/clinic joined in the official Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremony here at KAS this recent Friday, April 10.

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We already have some interested students, and we hope to see our first internship placement this summer or even earlier. But this is only the beginning. We are starting with these opportunities for students in the dental field, and we hope to grow this program to include many diverse professional sectors here in Southern Taiwan.

If your organization/group is interested in partnering with KAS to provide these opportunities for students, please contact our Board Chair, Mr. Ken Lin. His contact details are available in our front office.
若是您的機構組織/團體對未來領袖計畫以及和高雄美國學校合作提供機會給學生感興趣,請您與我們的董事長 Mr. Ken Lin 聯繫。 請向學校辦公室諮詢董事長的聯繫方式。

Kind regards,

Dr. Ploeger, Superintendent 總校長

Ms. Rock, High School Principal 高中校長
Mr. Payne, Middle School Principal 國中校長

Mr. Coyle, Elementary School Principal 小學校長


Ms Deborah Haines, IB/AP Coordinator IB/AP召集人

Like with many things international, IB exams, scheduled to be administered in May, have been cancelled. Students that were registered to take IB exams will still earn IB Diplomas and Certificates; IB will use work from students that has already been submitted, along with formulas that look at past school history. Universities have already agreed to consider this year’s IB scores as acceptable college acceptance. Most IB students around the world are not able to attend their IB programs, other than online, so KAS has been fortunate to be able to sustain classes for nearly the entire year. IB students should remember to let the IB Coordinator know to which school(s) they wish for their IB results to be sent. (deadline is June 1 for North American schools, and May 1 for other schools) IB results should be released to students on July 6th, and students can use their IBIS user and pin codes for access.

如近來許多國際上的事一樣,原定五月舉行的IB考試已被取消了。已註冊參加IB考試的學生仍將獲得IB文憑或證書,IB將使用學生已提交的作品以及回顧學校過去歷史的公式。大學已經同意將今年的IB成績視為可接受入學申請的成績。除了線上課程之外,世界上大多數的IB學生都無法參與他們的IB課程,因此KAS很幸運的能夠維持近一年的課程。IB學生應該記住讓IB召集人知道,他們希望將IB成績發送給哪間學校。(北美學校截止日是6/1,其他地區學校是5/1) IB成績將於7/6公佈,學生可以使用自己的帳號及密碼查詢成績。

AP exams will go ahead, but in an online format, 45 minutes long, with students being allowed to use notes and texts. These exams will be given between May 11th and May 22nd, but in order to maintain test integrity, AP is only offering the exams between 12pm and 5am, Kaohsiung time. Students who take these exams will still receive AP credit and should go to their accounts in to indicate to which college(s) they wish for the results to be sent. If students decide not to take the AP exam (or sleep through it) they will receive a refund.


It is with some sadness for me that I see all these changes; I like the ritual and feeling of accomplishment and closure that comes with these important exams. I understand why it must be, and in the end, KAS students will come out no further behind than they would have, had all the exams run as usual. I see IB, AP, universities, and KAS staff demonstrating great flexibility and effort to assure that the current happenings will have no lasting detrimental effects on students.


Alumni Corner 校友天地

KAS alumna, Jennifer Kuo is no stranger to pursuing her passions! After she graduated from KAS in 2014, Jennifer started her college journey at Dartmouth College, one of the prestigious 8 Ivy League schools in the U.S., majoring in Linguistics. She minored in Japanese, which was also her favorite class at KAS for how hands-on and interactive it was.

Jennifer Kuo,KAS的校友,對於追求自己熱愛的事從來都不陌生。她自2014從KAS畢業後,旋即就讀於美國著名八所長春藤盟校之一的達特茅斯學院。主修語言學,輔修的是她當年在KAS最喜歡的課:日文,因他容易上手且互動性多。

As an IB Diploma student at KAS, she says she gained skills that benefitted her when it came to the university environment. “The IB program helped me to develop a more logical, critical thought process, which came in really helpful when writing in a college setting,” says Jennifer. “It gave me a bit of a head start and helped me transition into the type of writing and argumentation you are expected to do in college.” The IB DP program often means students gain advanced standing or college credit which means they can skip introductory classes in some areas.

身為一個KAS的IB文憑學生,她提到她獲得了許多能在大學環境中受益的技能。“IB課程幫助我思考邏輯上更有邏輯性與批判性,這個在大學環境中寫作時很有幫助” 她說。 “這給了我提前準備好並幫助我過渡到了大學裡所期待的寫作與辯論方式。”國際大學預科文憑通常代表著學生具有超前的程度,這表示他們在某些地區可以跳過一些基礎的課程。

Jennifer loves challenges, and advises other KAS students to try new things! “In most U.S. undergraduate programs, the classes you take in your first year don’t have too many consequences on where you end up. It’s a great time to take risks and try out some classes you wouldn’t normally have considered.”


Her next steps are already in progress as a Ph.D. student in Linguistics at UCLA with an eventual goal of developing a career in academia. Though Los Angeles is a beautiful area to live, what she misses most about Taiwan is the inexpensive and delicious food and the convenient public transit. Congratulations to Jennifer on her path to success and for finding her passion for languages while a KAS dragon.


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KAS alumni stories are featured regularly in our newsletter. To share an update or join us at an upcoming reunion or on campus, get in touch at or via our Official KAS Alumni Facebook page.

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College Corner

Greg Bishop

College Counselor 大學輔導老師

Jill Newman

College Counselor 大學輔導老師

Grade 11 Parent Meeting


We are happy to finally have a time to meet with parents regarding the college procedure and our timeline from now until Christmas break. We will be presenting all aspects of the college application process. Please reserve the date of April 22 at 3:15 pm to meet in the Lecture Hall. Students are welcome also. We hope to see you all there.


College Application Process Lecture

Wednesday, April 22nd, 3:15pm

889號 Cuihua Road

Kaohsiung City

RSVPs are enabled for this event.



Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, had been quoted as saying “change is the only constant in life.” That certainly rings true looking at the beginning of 2020. So many things are changing even on a daily basis because of COVID-19 creating many ripple effects and changing lives forever. Please be assured that the universities are doing all that they can to review their applicants. It is refreshing to see that they all are cheering on the new class of freshmen, knowing what challenges they have all faced. Many universities have made SAT and ACT optional for the upcoming grade 11 students too. They are also waiting to move ahead with their planning for the remainder of 2020. Their care & cooperation will be a benefit to all incoming students as they take great care to welcome them to a new phase of their lives. It is a pleasure to work with such professionals from so many universities all over the world.

We will be updating you as we receive information from the universities.





Virtual College Fairs


Since personal travel to schools has been cut short for the admissions reps due to the pandemic, virtual college fairs have started to take place with a great deal of success. One that you can follow in the coming week is offered by StriveScan with over 300 colleges participating. Several presentations and college tours will make up the fair which runs from April 20 to April 23. All students are encouraged to register as it is free. Please check the website for further details.

由於疫情大流行導致各大學代表的參訪行程被縮短,線上大學博覽會已經開始取得許多正面迴響。 StriveScan在接下來的一周內將為您提供一項服務,有300多家大學參與其中。線上大學博覽覽會將於4月20日至4月23日舉行,屆時將進行一些演講和大學參觀。請連結網站以獲取更多詳細信息。

We Are KAS

KAS strives to be one of the finest American International Schools in the World. KAS challenges students to achieve academic excellence and prepares them to be balanced individuals, independent learners, and global citizens.

Kaohsiung American School (KAS) is a private, non-profit, co-educational Pre K – 12 institution offering an American, college preparatory program leading to a US high school diploma and the opportunity for an IB Diploma.

KAS is located in the northern area of Kaohsiung city, the second largest city in Taiwan with 1.5 million inhabitants. Kaohsiung American School was established in 1989 as an elementary school serving the needs of local and expatriate families with children.