Housing in Singapore

Housing in Singapore (Tiong Bahru)

Singapore's Housing in the Past

We interview 5 passerbys- 2 residents, 2 stall owners and 1 foreigner. Most of the interviewees stated that Tiong Bahru is more suitable for older people like adults and elderly as there are lesser facilities for children than the other age groups. The foreigner living in Singapore for about 10 years mentioned that there are more and more shops and lesser housing estates. Some of them responded that it would be a waste if Tiong Bahru were to be demolished.

Singapore's housing in the Present

The present Singapore has many facilities suitable for all ages. It is easy to commute around with the public transports around Singapore.

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Singapore's Housing in the Future

Neighbourhoods will look more new and improved with more housing estates and facilities added into them in the future. It will be more inclusive for everyone as there are facilities that are suitable for all ages.