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Mexicans Raid Texas!

On March of 1842 leader of 700 Mexican soldiers General Rafael Vasquez came to Texas and attacked San Antonio demanding them to surrender the town. The people of San Antonio panicked when they realized what was happening, but they did not surrender the town.

General Vasquez then reportedly fled Texas and returned to Mexico.

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Angry Texans

After San Antonio was raided President Houston called an emergency session of the congress March 10th. He called the meeting in Houston because he was fearful that the Mexicans would soon attack Austin. President Houston ordered that all archives be removed from the capitol in Austin. Austin residents grew angry because they believed that the capitol would be moved back Houston.


After Houston proceeded to remove archives from Austin, the people of Austin created a Vigilante committee. The committee warned the department that Houston's actions would result in armed resistance charges.
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Trouble for President Houston

President Houston got permission to still remove the archives from the capitol as long it did not result in war. The archives were loaded onto a wagon and were preparing to leave the capitol, but Angelina Eblery stopped them! she fired several cannon shots at the wagon on January 1, 1843. The papers were returned to avoid bloodshed. The archives remained there.
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