Brewster Faculty

November 13, 2012

Tech Inspired: What Adults Can Learn from Kids

Our students are amazing, and their ideas are endless. The only thing we need to do is trust them enough to guide us in their learning, be willing and unafraid to try new things and take risks in our teaching, and believe in their abilities. Whether it be using technology, teaching fractions, or learning how to read, we are all the students and the teachers.
Adora Svitak: What adults can learn from kids

Technology Showcase

  • Kindergarten Showcase: Students used PebbleGo, books and video to research their favorite pumpkin fact, then they created illustrations to accompany their pumpkin fact and finally created a class Little Bird Tale.
  • First Grade Students: Students chose insects, researched them with a partner in PebbleGo, completed a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting insects that they researched, and created Puppet Pal movies demonstrating their learning.
  • Second Grade Students: Students created SPOOKY Halloween stories using the Scribble Press or Little Bird Tale app on the iPads.

PebbleGo Update

PebbleGo now includes PebbleGo Social Studies! Please click HERE for more information.

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