Using technoligy as a music source

technoligy and music

the importance of it

Technology IMPROVES music about 90% . This is because many of us are caught by the bass and melody first without a bass and melody we easily tune it out without notice because the singing rap or type of genre the person in using their voice for blends in with the sounds of other voices. This is why technology is an important source of it because without no technology you cant make a good melody. It would be something called a raw piece a music because its just you're voice and there's no technology blending in with the piece

Commen technoligy

A studio is where all the technology is kept E.x They have tech drums that are mute in sound but can be heard through the computer,they have microphones that transfers the music out of the small sound blocked room, They have head phones that blocks all sound and u can only hear the instrumental through, and the most important music mixing controls that adds affects ( Like echo which is call the 3d of it, they have a knob which create an effect that may make the space seem bigger then it actually is, they have knobs to control the sounds of each layer. When there are more then one voice at the same time its called a bridge . )