Is Smokeless Tobacco Harmful?

Smokeless tobacco includes snuff, dip, or chew.

What is smokeless tobacco?

Smokeless tobacco is an addiction of nicotine without smoking it. This is where you will either sniff chew or suck on grind up tobacco leaves. Most of the time people will use smokeless tobacco in pure addiction, taste, or to try it and look cool.


Dip is grind up tobacco. This dip is a large grind compared to snuff.Dip you will wad it up with your finders and compact it. After you have done this you will either place this under your bottom lip or on the side of your mouth. This person will then circulate spit through the tobacco extracting the nicotine. He would then spit the spit leaving the nicotine in his blood stream. Now the down fall of getting this high is that it can cause or lead to cancer. These cancers such as oral and throat will kill. The tobacco will start to decay and break down your tissue leaving sours that will grow and lead to cancer. Now most people will say that one time will not hurt. That is wrong, you do this once and you are hooked. Nicotine is one of the most addicting drug there is.


Snuff is a form of nicotine addiction that is very rare now days. Snuff was popular in women hundreds of years ago. They would take a pinch of very grind up leaves of tobacco and put it up to there nose and sniff it. this would often lead to sneezing, and crying. The tobacco would build up in your easel cavities creating blockage and build up.

chewing tobacco

Chewing tobacco is very similar to dip, but you chew on long leaves of the tobacco plant.This can also lead to the same cancers as dip.