A Collage About Me


My Collage

I value- honesty, friendship, being independent, family, and creativity

One of my short term goals is to save $80 towards my college savings (Fall of 2016), each month, by working at a full-time job.

One of my long term goals is that I will run every other day after school and do crunches, in order for me to lose at least 10 lbs per month. Ultimately, I want to lose 80 lbs by the end of year.

My wants are:

  • a new computer
  • a German Shepherd,
  • a piano,
  • a trip to Japan
  • a makeup set

My needs are:

  • food- (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • water (my body needs this)
  • money (a key to survival)
  • a toothbrush (good hygiene)
  • protection (home, car/door keys)