Cub Chronicle: Parent Edition

October Newsletter

What We're Learning

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Content Areas



Ordinal numbers 1st,2nd,3rd

Subitize 1-5

Rote counting- end of year goal is 30

One to one correspondence- end of year goal is 10

Recognizing numbers 0-9

Common shapes

Creating shapes

Slide, flip, turn


Letters ELA: Ss Tt. Oo

Letters SLA: Ee Mm Pp

Elements of print: period and sentence begins with uppercase letter

Separating 4 word sentence into individual words

Retelling a story

Responding to questions about text

Compare and contrast

Inferences and predictions



Measuring Heavy and light

Position and motion of objects

Social Studies:

Friends and feelings

Texas and United States flags

Social emotional learning zones of regulation


October Theme: My Family and Friends


Phonological awareness: Breaking sentences into words

Letter Knowledge: First letter of student names.


Size/Positional Words


Building and the Scientific Method

Social Studies/SEL:


Specials' Corner

PE with Coach Freeman:

In P.E, we will be practicing the gross motor skills that we have learned so far with challenging and fun games. This month will be the beginning stages of throwing, catching, and kicking! These skills will build our visual-motor control and visual tracking abilities. The development of the visual fields promotes control of the peripheral vision, transfer from 3 dimensional to 2 dimensional input; form discrimination, beat competency (rhythm); dynamic balance, directionality, cross lateralization, and encoding (memory-store and recall). These concepts aid the brain in encoding the stroke of each symbol of letters and numbers, following words from left to right, focusing on reading for longer periods, discriminating sounds, and organizing information in the classroom.

Art with Mrs. Lovelace:

In art we will be doing activities that reinforce all of the new skills we have learned in September. We will be using crayons, markers, paint, glue and scissors! We will practice sitting in our assigned places and following art room rules and procedures. All while creating unique pieces of art.


In Music we will continue to work on steady beat during the month of October. We will learn how about fast and slow rhythms. Children will start playing instruments and learn to keep a steady beat with rhythm sticks.

Library with Mrs. Churchill & Mrs. Cunningham:

This month in the library, we will continue to work on our library manners and manners with our books. We will discuss the best ways to treat our books so they will last a long time. This includes keeping them away from food, younger siblings and pets. We’re also working on returning them each week, so we can get a new one. We’re doing a great job so far!

Health Spot

For many of our PreK students, this is their first encounter with other kids their age. These little ones have no sense of personal space and often, unknowingly, expose others to "germs" or other things. Please follow the "need to stay home" guidelines as well as teaching them proper hand hygiene (wash for 20 seconds) and covering their mouth or nose when they sneeze or cough (please teach them to cough, sneeze on the inside of their shirt collar by lifting it up to their nose/mouth). Flu season is almost upon us and these are good habits to start with your children now.

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Reminders from Nurse Kenzig...

  • Please send all students at least 2 changes of clothes in their backpacks.

  • In reference to the above, the next Care Van will be on October 1, 2019 at the 1st UMC 121 N. Center Rd. Grand Prairie 75150.

  • Please ensure that your contact information in current in Skyward and you have provide emergency contacts as well.

  • The clinic staff is busy inputting vaccination information as it becomes available to us. If immunizations are not up to date, parents will receive notification of delinquency and the student will be unable to return to school until these Texas State Immunization Requirements are met.

  • Please check your students daily for lice or nits.

Counselor's Corner

Kindness Week 2019

October is a busy month we will be celebrating Bullying Prevention Month, kindness week and red ribbon week. Please look at the various activities and join us in participating! Let us know if you have any questions.


October is Bullying Prevention Month. Join us as we celebrate a Week of Kindness, September 30- October 4. Parents we would like your help in encouraging your student to be kind each day, by following along with the theme days listed below. No act of kindness is too small, and no child is too small to give and receive kindness.

Monday, September 30th:

Make Someone’s day Monday – can you go out of your way to do makes someone’s day extra special. Rock your plaid, student and families join us in wearing plaid.

Tuesday, October 1st:

Share Your Things Tuesday – during play time or dinner time, encourage them to share their things with others (please do not bring toys to school this is a time for you to share as a family). Rock your blue, students and families join us in wearing blue.

Wednesday, October 2nd:

Wow with a Compliment Wednesday – say something motivating/nice to someone, sweet words can go a long way! Rock your stripes, students and families join us in wearing stripes.

Thursday, October 3rd:

Thoroughly Good Manners Thursday – use your good manners, such as, “please” and “thank you”. Rock your green, students and families join us in wearing green.

Friday, October 4th:

Friends Friday –In celebration of National Bullying Prevention Month, we stand united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion. Rock your polka dots, students and families join us in wearing polka dots.

Thank you for your participation in the Week of Kindness!

October will conclude with red ribbon week. Red Ribbon Week is the largest drug prevention program in the nation. This is an interactive week where your child will have an opportunity to stand up against drugs in a creative and fun way.

Monday, October 21st: “InspiRED to be the Best Me Being Drug Free.”

Students wear RED.

Tuesday, October 22nd: “Crazy About Being Drug Free"

Students will wear crazy socks or crazy hair.

Wednesday, October 23rd: “We're Too Super for Drugs"

Students will dress up as their favorite superhero!

Thursday, October 24th: “The Best Me Teams Up Against Drugs"

Students will wear their favorite team’s clothing.

Friday, October 25th: “The Best Me is Hooked on Books Not on Drugs.”

Students will dress as their favorite story book character.

Mark your calendars!

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  • 1-

All Pro Dads Tuesday Greeters! Help greet our students and families Tuesday morning @ 7:30-7:55 am

Parent Nutrition Class @ 9a

  • 8-

Parent Nutrition Class @ 9a

  • 9-

PACT “Mindfulness, Improve your Child Emotional, Social and Physical Health”@ 8:30-9:30a

  • 10-

Fall Picture Day: (Vale, Obregon, Ashley Wilson, Amber Wilson, Arroyo, Torres, Perez, Scanlan, Wilburn, Diaz, Castro, Mercado, Valdez, K. Jones, Stowe, Lake Miller, Fortenberry, A. Jones)

  • 11-

Fall Picture Day: (Beranza, Parker, Brennan, Ramirez, Murray, O’Donnell, Lopez, Velazquez, Williams, Cerda, Fernandes, Riggs, Casarez, S. Jones, Gooden, Schmigel)

  • 14-


  • 15-

Parent Nutrition Class @ 9a

  • 17-

First Campus Improvement Committee Meeting @ 4:30p

GPISD Board Meeting @ 6p

  • 18-

End of Quarter 1

Tornado Drill @ 2:30p


“InspiRED to be the best me being drug free.” Students wear RED.

  • 22-

“Crazy about being drug free.” Students will wear crazy socks or crazy hair.

Quarter 2 Begins

  • 23-

"We're Too Super for Drugs!" Students can dress up as their favorite superhero!

PACT “Ready, Set, Learn. Transition to School” @ 8:30-9:30a

  • 24-

“The best me teams up against drugs.” Students will wear their favorite team’s clothing.

  • 25-

All Pro Dads Meeting: “Team Up Against Drugs” @ 7:30-7:55a

“The best me hooked on books not on drugs.” Students will dress as their favorite story book character.

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Literacy Carnival

  • November 1-


  • November 2-



  • Remember to send a note to school with your child excusing his absence upon returning to school.
  • Arrive on time! Don't forget that 3 tardies equal 1 absence. The tardy bell rings at 8:10 a.m.
  • Plan for your child to remain in school until dismissal time. Parents should only sign out students early in case of an emergency.
  • Our dismissal ends at 3:45 p.m. Make sure your child is picked up by that time.

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  • If your child is dismissed in the back of the building, please remember to enter campus from 14th st.
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