rock cycle & tectonic plates

metamophric, sedimentary & igneous

What plate tectonics are.

Plate tectonics are the plates underneath earth crust that ride on top of the mantle. These plates cause earthquakes, volcanoes & tsunamis. They cause these because of how the plates move because of how they sit on the mantle.

How plate tectonics effect the rock cycle

The only 2 rocks that are affected by the plates are Metamorphic & igneous rocks. The igneous rocks are made out of magma & the metamorphic rocks are affected by the mantle because of the hot pressures & the heat.

The Types of Rocks.

How all this connects...

tectonics & rocks

the plates affect only 2 of the rocks but without them we would not have those because they are both affected by the mantle which the plate allows the magma to leave the crust & for stuff to enter & go inside of the mantle.

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