Grace Galba

The capital city of Guatemala is Guatemala City.

The area of Guatemala is 42,042 squared miles.

Two physical features in Guatemala are Lake Atitlan Guatemala and Tikal National Park.

The climate in Guatemala is Tropical.

There are Hardwood Trees, Fish, and cattle in Guatemala.

Natural disasters and how people interact with the environment

Some natural disasters and hazards in Guatemala are volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other tropical storms. Bad things that exist in Guatemala is defor

Some natural resources in Guatemala are Coffee and Bananas.

The population of Guatemala is 11,237,196 and the population density of Guatemala is 15,845 people per square mile.

The type of government in Guatemala is Republic.

They speak Spanish.

They count their money in "Quetzals".

Only 15% of kids in Guatemala go to school.

The type of music that people in Guatemala listen to is Marimba.

Sports that they like are Basketball, Bicycling, and Soccer.

GDP and Imports and Exports

The GDP is $53.9 billion and the GDP per Capita $5,300. Some imports are fuels, machinery, transport equipment, grain, fertilizers, and more. Some exports are coffee, sugar, petroleum, apparel, bananas, fruits, and vegetables.
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