Boot Camp News & Tips

How is it going?

It's Time to Party!

We have several ladies holding their events this weekend! We are wishing you all great success in growing your business! Please keep me posted this weekend on how it goes!

If you would like to chat again before your event, please text me (337) 739-4151 to talk or ask any questions. I'm happy to help!

Read below for some of my top tips for your final prep and pitch at your event.


  • Have you sent text reminders to everyone invited?
  • Have you reminded everyone to bring a friend & win a prize?
  • Have you let your neighbors know about your event?
  • Have you let your "No's" know they'll be missed & sent them the link to shop online?

The hardest part of a pop-up is making sure you have a great turnout. Don't dismiss these steps - they are necessary if you want your hard work to pay off in the end.

Here is the link to my last email with RSVP tips for a reminder:


Here are a few of my favorite tips for your event:

  • Place the food / drinks near the jewelry - it is always the place where people congregate the most.

  • Have plenty of look books on hand - let them take one home and encourage them to pass along to a neighbor or co-worker when they are done with it.

  • Encourage everyone to try things on - if people seem shy, enlist the help of your closest friends/family to get it started. (Do you have a mirror ready?)

  • Practice your 3 minute commercial but don't practice so much that it's "too rehearsed". Natural is ALWAYS best - even if you fumble.

  • Do as much as you can before it starts so you have plenty of time to converse and engage with your guests. Don't get stuck behind the stove, bar or with the kiddos - this is YOUR time to connect with each and every guest.

  • Share, share, share the Hostess Opportunity! You have only 12 weekends left until Christmas NOW is the time to book pop-ups.

  • Even if the turnout isn't what you expect - do not let it show! Your guests that do come deserve a great time. Don't complain about it or lose your pep. The example you set at your event is how they will remember you if they decide to host.

  • HAVE FUN! Most importantly - you are there to have fun with your friends. Relationships first, sales second. Enjoy the result of your efforts and have a great time!


  • Have you printed your raffle cards?
  • Have you put labels or written your contact info & link on all of your look books?
  • Have you printed graphics for the hostess incentives, pop-up perks or welcome signs?
  • Do you have enough pens for people to use?
  • Do you have a hand mirror or large mirror nearby for people to try on the jewels?
  • Have you check the inventory list here to see if anything is backordered or sold-out?
  • Have you set aside some time to just breathe? ;) A stress-free host is a successful host!

I want to hear from you!

Don't be shy, feel free to respond to this email with any and all questions, feedback or comments. I want to make sure you are getting the most out of Boot Camp.