Stay in school

It's the bright Idea

  1. how many people actually finish school

  2. what jobs does finishing school get for people

  3. why should you stay in school

  4. why do people leave school

  5. what is the age you can legally leave school
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Why should you stay in school? Because high school dropouts are says “four times more likely to be unemployed than those who have 4 or more years of college.” Also they are more likely to “be incarcerated;”according to School teaches many important things and many jobs need a high school diploma or better. Jobs are trying to get smarter, more efficient people to work for them. It may seem like college and school are boring but in the end what is more boring, prison or 3 more years of school? Additionally, who will get a job, a college grad or a high school drop out? On a different note completing more school shows you are a hard worker and company’s look for that in an employee. High school dropouts have a greater chance of being unemployed and on the street on government care. Something else to think about is what drives kids to leave school, some factors are They are held back or older than other students in their grade or have limited english proficiency or home or economic problems. They could have trouble at home with parents or siblings or may just not want to go. In conclusion, these are a few of the many many reasons you should stay in school.