Dental Hygienist

Abby Peterman

The definition of my career is

What my career does is a dental worker specializing in scaling and polishing teeth and in giving advice on cleaning the teeth. A person who is also trained to clean teeth,Dental x-rays, provide dental health care usually under the super vision of a dentist.

The salary of dental hygienist is

.The salary of North Carolina Dental Hygienist is 23,000, New York 52,040,California 20,890
Duties of Dental Hygienist

The degrees you have to have to be a dental hygienist

You have to have your Bachelors,Masters,Associates Degree. And you have to have your high school diploma and your basic classes in college.

Growth of Dental Hygienist

The growth of a Dental Hygienist is 23,000 a year when you reach your retirement 60,000. To be a Dental Hygienist you can go to UNC,EUC,DPD.