CVS Learn at Home


3-5 Parents

Encourage your children to read daily during this unexpected break.

Minimally, children should read 20 minutes each day, but it won't hurt for them to read more and they are not too old to have you read with them, either.

Make time for exercise and get outside when possible.

Student Activities


Storyline Online

Readwell - for students whose teachers have provided access
Language! - for students whose teachers have provided access


Typing Club

*How to Learn Math
Math Learning Center
Free Math Apps
Yummy Math

OpenMiddle - challenging problems worth solving

Estimation 180


Mystery Science

National Geographic

Social Studies

PBS Kids Social Studies Games
History for Kids

Additional Resources - learning games
Khan Academy
Scholastic Learn from Home

PBS for 4th-8th grade from 9AM - 1PM

Snapology - Lego build challenges

First Aid for Feelings

Home Chats (from Growing Leaders) - Conversation Starters for Parents