Vasyugan Bog

Emily, Sara, Myla

What is a bog?

A bog is a freshwater wetland of soft, spongy ground consisting mainly of partially decayed plant matter called peat.

Vasyugan Bog - located in the center of the West Siberian Plain

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Ins & Outs of Physical Features


> Cool, northern climates

> Often develop in poorly draining lake basins

Water Chemistry

> Average temperature is 50˚F (10˚C)

pH level

> Highly acid - pH level less than five

> Affected by minerals built up by rainfall


> Below 0.5 ppt


> Continental

Water Movements

> Stagnant - little to no movement

Abiotic Factors

> Peaty soil

Biotic Factors

> Mosses

> Fungi

> Large mammals

> Scattered Amphibians

Siberian Salamander


> Terrestrial

> Well developed lungs

> Can survive up to -30˚F

> skin tissues freezes & survives inside surface level of ice during hibernation then thaws in spring

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Common Viper

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Brown Bear

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Niche & Characteristics

> Construct dens on forrest floor

> Sharp teeth & fierce demeanor for hunting

> Families are strongly paternal

> Territorial

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Limiting Factors

> Cold temperatures

> Saturated soil

Simplified Food Web

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> Pollution - near urban areas

> Agriculture - timber harvesting, peat mining, & phosphate mining

What Do We Do?

> Decrease the amount of timber harvesting

> Decrease peat & phosphate mining

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