The Industrial revolutions effect

By William Esobar

Before: Environmental Issues

Since the creation of the steam machine pollution has been increasing and permanently damaging the environment. This issue started when a scientist in 1962 named Rachel Carson raised a question about how were humans impacting nature. This completely changed the industrial revolution and slowed it down before it became a disaster. The pollution we are releasing into the air created acid rain, destruction to animals habitats, poisons in waters and land, and trash effecting the environment.


Overall this issue is what slowed down the industrial revolution because of all the regulations the government has set and the natural resources being depleted because of pollution. Also the public moral of wanting to keep earth green has effected the transition to new greener technologies.


Laws and regulations were starting to get passes once the awareness of the spread of toxic waste into the environment due to factories. In attempt to lower down what gets created as waste. For example the clean airs act was passed in 1970 and was expanded on in 1990 to limit the air pollution released.


It wasn't until 1962 when people really started to realize the problems with pollution and the importance of the environment to us. But was a small concern to the public since the effects before were so small.


With concerns of the environment natural resources and production started to get limited and less abusive for companies because of the acts passed by the government. Such as the resource conservation and recovery act which limited what factories were allowed to dispose and create waste.

Now: Global Warming

The atmosphere has completely changed from a few centuries ago and now has more green house gases that trap heat increasing the global climate. This is because we humans have created tons of pollution due to using machines that rely on using fossil fuels.


With awareness to the effects of air pollution in our atmosphere raising, the government has started to be challenged by political groups such as GWPF to force change and lessen pollution in the industries using factories around Earth.


Recycling is much more encouraged. The majority of the people save energy and resources such as water.


Many companies are attempting to adapt to green energy such as cars that run on solar energy, rechargeable batteries, and water fueled engines. This will greatly lower pollution if it becomes the norm since it will end the use of fossil fuels.