Rayen Early College Middle School

November Newsletter 2021

Principal's Corner

Hello RECMS Families!

  • Happy November! I can’t believe we are already in our 2nd grade period! We have had a beautiful October full of creativity, hard work and fun! Our school is abuzz with amazing things going on every day in every room! One stroll in our halls and you can feel the positivity and energy! This school is truly something to behold!

  • This month, we have experienced a great loss. Many of our Staff and Scholars mourned the passing of Ms.Debbie DiFrancesco, former Principal of RECMS. Many of our 7th and 8th grade students had Ms. DiFrancesco as their principal when they were in the 4th/5th grade, and many current Staff members, including myself, taught under her amazing guidance and leadership. We will truly miss her at RECMS, and all of YCSD who knew her will miss her strength and never-ending guidance. Forever in our hearts Ms. D!

  • I would like to discuss our Scholar’s grades from our first grading period. Although our data from Quarter 1 report cards showed a relatively low amount of d’s and f’s on report cards, I know that we still can do better - we need to do better. Don’t get me wrong - I know this isn’t too bad, but I don’t want to see ANYONE falling through the cracks! Below are the percentage of only A/B/C’s on 1st pd. report cards;

RECMS Grade Level % of A/B/C (no D’s or F’s on 1st Report Card)

5th 93%

6th 85%

7th 84%

8th 82%

Parents/Guardians, I ask you to keep in mind that Rayen Early College Middle School is a school that puts Academics on the forefront of our agenda. It is NOW that we need to instill good study habits such as; accountability, turning assignments in, time management, focus, and personal drive.

I am asking for your support and challenging you to be on top of your Scholar’s grades. Please remember that Rayen Early College High School is at the other end of this rainbow with the pot of gold being a FREE 2-year College degree for your child to kickstart their lives down the right path! Yes, RECMS is the feeder school for YRECHS, but please keep in mind that not everyone gets accepted into Youngstown Rayen Early College High School. Grades, test scores, behavior, attendance, attitude, leadership are all things that YRECHS will take into consideration. Over the years, I have seen too many 8th grade students in tears because they didn’t get accepted into YRECHS, and they wish they could’ve gone back but it was too late! That is why I am emphasizing this now! Please reach out to us for help, access the app “PAPER” which is a 24/7 personalized live tutor that is available for you and/or your child at any time. And let’s not forget Google!

I am asking you to please communicate with your child’s teacher if you have any questions/concerns - don’t wait for the teacher to get ahold of you - check daily on ProgressBook. YOU are going to have the biggest impact on your child’s education, as we are only one part of the triangle of child, family, and school.

  • Another very big thing on our November calendar is NWEA testing. Every Scholar has been given their NWEA Goal Score, compared to past scores. Every Scholar has had the discussion with their teacher as to what a reasonable Goal Score would be! Ask your child what their goal is! We want to put more emphasis on NWEA - these are indeed looked at for YRECHS! I realize that standardized testing is not fun, we know your child is more than a score….but we have to realize that standardized testing is here to stay! College admissions, scholarships, etc...all are determined by testing scores. While we may not like it - we have to learn to master it! We want them to know now that good scores yield scholarships, yield advancement, etc… Please encourage your child to take the NWEA score seriously and if they meet their goal score - please celebrate with them, as we will be celebrating here!

  • Have a beautiful November and thank you for being an integral part of our RECMS family! Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns! Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy letter!


Dr. Maureen Donofrio, Ed.D.



Upcoming Events

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Mayerson Academy ( 24 Character Strengths)

Part of our PBIS program and School Culture and Climate initiative we have adapted the 24 Character Strengths. This program applies the science of character strengths to the practice of teaching and learning to improve students social and emotional competencies through the lens of character strengths.This program is designed to increase motivation, engagement, learning and performance.
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Family Activity

In the Month of November we will be going over Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence, Creativity and Gratitude. November 1-5 Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence- You notice and admire beauty in many places. November 8-12 Creativity - You think of new and original ways of doing things. November 15-23 Gratitude - You notice and appreciate good things that happen. Below are a few activities you can try. Also below is a video on Gratitude second video is in Spanish.
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