Jewish Passover

By Brodie Walsh

The Passover

The passover starts on the 14th of Nisan, The jewish days don't start until dusk so the day will be from dusk on the 14th of Nisan to the following dusk on the 15th. Nisan is the jewish month on which this event takes place. The passover can last for 7 days in Israel and 8 days in the diaspora. The passover represents there liberation of god over 3,300 years ago when they were free from slavery in Egypt. As well as there beginning as a nation under the rule of moses. The event commemorates there freedom of slavery, that is mentioned in the Exodus as well as the hebrew bible. They were able to set themselves free after god set ten plagues of infecting on the Egyptians. One of the plagues was said to be the death of the first born. To be safe of this the Israelites were told to place the blood of a baby lamb on there doormats so that the sprits knew to pass over these houses, This is believed to have given the passover it name.

Passover Of Sedar

The Sedar is the meal of the first night of passover, It is held on the 14th of Nisan for those that live in Israel and the night of the 15th of Nisan for those who don't. This event is usually around March and April. The Sedar is normally preformed by a community or generations of a family. This involves them in reacting the story of there freedom from the book of Exodus. While retelling the story they go over " It is because of the LORD did for me when i came out of egypt." Many usually gather in the afternoon to sit around and read the scripture. Unlike many other jewish rituals this one is carried out in the home instead of the synagogue. In the sedar you everyone must drink four glasses of wine. Each glass represents a different thing:

Glass one: Kiddush

Glass two: Maggid

Glass three: Birkat Hamazon

Glass four: Hallel

The four cups are related to the four worlds, This world the Messianic age, The world at the reveal of death and the world to come.