The Boy In the Striped Pajamas!

The story starts off in Berlin, Germany until 9 year old, Bruno, comes home from school to learn that his family will be moving because of his father's job. Although Bruno doesn't exactly know what his dad does for a job. When they arrive at Auschwitz, Bruno is not impressed. He is sad that there is not any families or other little boys to play with. In the new house, Bruno's bedroom window has a lovely view of the Auschwitz death camp. Bruno takes note that all of the people on the other side of the fence are all wearing the same striped pajamas. Months pass and Bruno becomes rather bored and decided to go exploring. He decides to walk along the long fence in his backyard, also the fence that separates the family's home from the concentration camp. Eventually, Bruno meets a little boy who is sitting along the fence. Bruno recognizes that the boy is wearing the same pajamas that everyone else on that side o the fence is wearing. Bruno notices how sad the boy looks and decides to befriend him. The boy's name is Schmuel. Schmuel informs Bruno that they are in Poland; Bruno has been thinking this whole time he was still in Germany. Schmuel shares with Bruno what happened to him and his family prior to entering the concentration camp. Later, Bruno walks into his kitchen to see Schmue cleaning dishes. It turns out that he was ordered to clean them for Bruno's father's party. Bruno innocently offers Schmuel some chicken and without thinking about it Schmuel accepts. The guard returns and gets very angry at them and Bruno denies being friends with Schmuel in the first place. After over a year, Bruno's mother says that the kids and her will be moving back to Berlin. However, after Schmuel's father goes missing, the boys are forced to come up with a plan to find him. Bruno dressed in pajamas and crawled under the fence. Bruno realizes that things are very bad on Schmuel's side of the fence. Just as the boys were about to give up, they are surrounded by soldiers. The boys are unknowingly led into the gas chamber, where they hold hands one last time and both are killed. Bruno's family cope with his disappearance and the mother and Gretel eventually move back to Berlin, while the father stays there. The story ends with Bruno's fathering figuring out what tragically happened to his son.