Factory LEDs

Use LED Lighting Products And Save Electricity

Factory LEDs is a LED lighting manufacturer company, whose aim is to serve lighting solutions that use light emitting diodes (LED) technology. Sustainability, economy and social commitment are important fundamentals of Factory LEDs. In addition, all Factory LED products have been carefully selected in the international market; we have International Quality Certificates required in the North America, which certifies us with products whose components doesn’t have any risk to the environment.

Our company is a main reference in the supply of environmentally friendly products, innovative and high-tech LED lighting. Factory LEDs produces highest quality LED Office Light and lights for home. Our mission is to contribute significantly to the improvement of society's quality of life and the environment, promoting the responsible use of energy resources through technological innovations in lighting with LED technology. The LED T8 tube is suitable for application areas that require efficient lighting such as offices, hotels, schools, supermarkets, hospitals, residences, among other applications.

The Factory LEDs is a manufacturer and distributor of electrical materials specializing in industrial, commercial and residential LED lighting products. We sell quality products with international certificates, performance and security with the best cost / benefit of the market. Here you can find LED fluorescent Tube replacement with LED T8 Tube for saving energy. In addition to its resistance to vibration and impact, this feature also translates into gains from reducing the number of interventions for maintenance. Check out our lighting products on our website at Factoryleds.com.