Saber Tooth Curriculum

Chapter 6

Main Characters

- The Youth / Unemployed

- Professor of Fish Grabbing

- Tribal Counsel Members (Chiefs, Professors, Industry Leaders)

- Stranger

- Dr. Peddiwell and Raymond Wayne

Main Events, Issues, and Conflicts

- The Youth / Unemployed become bored and begin playing with rocks/stones

- Council is convened to solve problem with youth, youth not included in council

- Professor of Fish Grabbing suggests more school

- Leaders of Industry suggests forced retirement for those over 50 to open up jobs

- Youth speak against the council and suggests new jobs for youth (building shelters, etc.)

- Council throws the youth out of the meeting

- Council initiates rock/stone activities for youth and unemployed to keep them busy

- Stranger comes, shows dismay for these fun activities (though claim to be learning, seemingly are just busy work)

Historical Significance

- Similar to the times of WWII and the Great Depression in that many youth who were too young to serve in the military had nothing they could do. However, work programs solved a need in society for park creation and maintenance and other such public works. This kept the unemployed youth busy, contributing to a need, and out of trouble (unlike the Paleolithic times)

- Youth protests in the 1960s all over the world (Paris, Prague, West Germany, US) for various causes

Current Issues

- State legislatures are making decisions for our youth and their education, but the youth are not allowed a voice in the legislature (too young to even vote)

-World-wide, youth unemployment has been at the heart of many of the revolutions and protesting (Tunisia, Egypt, Middle East, North Africa)

- Since the recent economic decline in the US, more students are going to graduate school because they can not find jobs with just a bachelor's degree. Some are taking minimum wage jobs just to keep busy even though they have a proper education.

- Personal example: Last year, I lost my job as a Flight Test Engineering Analyst. I could not find work, so I enrolled in graduate school. I had always planned on going back to school when I was ready to have kids and stay at home with them and do an online program. However, because I was unable to find work other than part-time tutoring and sales at Victoria's Secret, I decided to begin that next phase of my life a little earlier than originally planned.