Math Class Update

Get Into the Mix in D6!

Marking Period 1 is in the Past!

Good Evening Parents & Guardians,

I hope this newsletter finds you well! I just wanted to send a quick update about what's happening in your student's math class. We are at the end of our first marking period - it went by in a flash!! I can't believe we are one quarter of the way through seventh grade! Our students are doing some exciting things in math, and I can't wait to get even farther into our units of study.

Just as a reminder, our grading policy was changed this year throughout the entire district. Your student's marking period grade is weighted by summative assessments (tests and projects - 60% of final grade), formative assessments (quizzes, classwork checks - 30% of final grade), and individual practice (homework and some classwork - 10% of final grade). With the new weighted grading policy, it is crucial for students to study extra hard for math tests in order to earn the grade they would like to see on their report card. I will afford students some opportunities to complete extra credit assignments, but the BEST way for students to achieve in our math class is to be prepared, focused and on task at all times.

I hope your students have enjoyed our first quarter of the year just as much as I have! It has been a pleasure to get to know them, and I am looking forward to watching them grow in the upcoming months! I encourage you to continue to check my webpage (link is at the bottom) to keep yourself informed about our current units of study, homework assignments, and quiz/test dates. As always, please send me any questions or concerns via email at

Be in touch!

Yours in education,

Ms. Amanda V. Pienciak

7th Grade Math Teacher

Grice Middle School

Marking Period 1 Highlights!

Marking Period 1 Winners

All of our students did a fantastic job during the first quarter of the year! The following students earned certificates for their academic excellence - CONGRATULATIONS to all of our winners, and ALL of our students!!

- Highest Average in Class Period - These students earned the highest final average for the first marking period:
Christopher Lewis (Period 2/3); Anthi Panagiotidis (Period 4/6); DJ Kelvy (Period 7/8)

- Homework All-Star - These students completed ALL homework assignments on time for the first marking period:
Nicole Gregorio (Period 2/3); Bryan Cooper (Period 4/6); Jack Pacera (Period 7/8)

- Most Improved Mathematician - These students improved their average the most during the first marking period:
Bryon Hearst (Period 2/3); Roesha Louis-Jean (Period 4/6); Isabel Charbonneau (Period 7/8)

- Number One Math Prospect - These students really improved their study habits and work ethic during the last part of our first marking period, setting themselves up for success in marking period two:
Brett Kovacs (Period 2/3); Kimberly Leon (Period 4/6); Emily Samayoa (Period 7/8)

CONGRATULATIONS again to ALL of our students for a successful first marking period... Let's make the second even BETTER!

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A Visit from J.R. Smith!

During our first marking period, we were fortunate enough to receive a visit from New York Knick's superstar J.R. Smith! Mr. Smith spoke to our students about the effects of bullying and the importance of putting your education first. Some of our students were chosen to meet J.R. Smith and receive his autograph after the presentation, something I'm sure they won't soon forget. Be sure to catch J.R. running up and down the court during any Knicks game!