Lamb to the Slaughter vs. The Vist

By: Arianna Henriquez

Summary of Lamb to the Slaughter

Mary Maloney and her husband (Patrick Maloney) are just an ordinary couple with much love for each other and are expecting a child together. Mary was going to make a dinner for her husband thinking it was going to be just like every other night with a nice dinner. Until Marys' husband decides to tell her some unpleasant news and she isn't to happy about the news and something so shocking happens.

Summary of The Vist (The movie)

Becca and younger brother Tyler leave their mother to go visit their grandparents in Pennsylvanian that they've never seen or talked to ever. They see their Nana and Pop Pop, they begin their week with them and all seems well until the siblings start to notice really strange behavior from their grandparents. Once the children discover a shocking secret, they begin to wonder if they'll ever make it home.

Similaritys and Differances


What really happened in Lamb of the Slaughter

Mary's husband (Patrick Maloney) informs her that he has been having an affair with another women while he was with her and he still wanted to leave money for her to be taken care of. The only issue was Mary wasn't too happy with the news he delivered and decides that when she gets back from the freezer with a lamb leg that was was going to kill him with it. We are all aware of what happened that night while when she calls the police she acts as if she just found her husband dead and the police believe her and never even begin to suspects her.

What really happened in The Visit

When Becca and Tyler get to their grandparents house they learn that they're are not actually their grandparents these people worked with them and killed the real grandparents and pretended to be the real ones. These people are very mental and they attempt to kill the children when they found out their secret luckily Becca and Tyler warned their mother before they we killed and their mom showed up with police to stop the crazy old people and they do save them.