The Color Purple

By: Alice Walker

Transcending Gender Sterotypes

The character of Celie portrays the theme of transcending gender sterotype by growing up in a rule area and treated by men like all she was good for was baring children and taking care of the family and the home. When Celie was growing up she was abused by her father which resulted in 2 of her children that were taken away from her. Later on in her life she was forced to marry a man named Albert (Mr.____) and take care of his home and his 2 children. Which also reslulted in a abusive marrage by forcing sex on her and physically abusing her. Through the hardships that Celie had been through she somehow pulled threw and ended up leaving Albert and getting away from all the abuse. Celie became a successful buiness women and rised above the sterotypes and abuse she went threw all her life.
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The character Sophia portrays this theme of Racism due to the fact that she was placed in jail for 3 years for refusing to be the majors wife maid. Although she was placed in jail for more then that type of reason she and she did in fact hit the majors wife its still comes down to the fact that she thought it was okay to demand Sophia to be a maid. Sophia always had big plans for herself and didn't let anyone tell her differently. She didn't want to be placed in the stereotypical ways that people believe African American women should be like and what they should do with there life.
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The Power of Female Friendship

The characters Celie and Shug portray the theme the power of female friendship very well because when Shug arrives in the house her relationship with with Celie was rocky. Throughout the book they become closer and closer which resulted in less abuse from Albert. They also looked out for one another. The time when Shug told Celie about the letters Albert was hiding from her Celie was beyond the point of anger and Shug was the only one there to help her be calm about the situation. The power females have when we all come together and become one is huge amounts. We could all get conquer so many things and people if we took a step back from the problems we have with one another and look at the bigger problems in life.
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