Looking For Cowhands

Those Willing To Inquire Throughout the Area

Job Description

You will help along the long drive as you drive cattle to the open range. You will need to know how to count heads, how to herd and drive cattle, and how to protect cattle through the night. A typical day includes waking up early to get the cattle moving and to count heads. You will then start to drive the cattle. When the sun is directly above the Earth you must let them graze. You will then continue to drive them until the sun goes down and you will have to set up an area for them overnight.

Additional Information

You will be working throughout the country to get cattle to the railroads but the major trail you will be on is the Chisholm Trail. Some challenges of this job will be fighting off animals throughout the night, finding open range for them to graze, and controlling them all carefully. The benefits of this job are a good pay, helping the beef industry, and getting some of the beef once it's butchered. You will also get to travel all over the country.

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Savannah Deupree