LGBT Equality

People just like everyone else

Is Marriage Equality Equal?

A year ago, same-gender marriage was legal in only 17 states, but now, 37 states have legalized same-sex marriage ( Even though more states are legalizing same-gender marriage, the rights that come with it are not fair.

Most LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) are treated unfairly. Many teens are bullied at school because of their sexual orientation. 4 out of 5 LGBT teens say that they don't know of any adult they can go to for help (Riese). Because of all the bullying they have to go through, research has shown that about 30% of all youth suicides are committed by LGBT teens (Riese). But teens and adults have problems with being treated unfairly and being excluded.

If you fall under the LGBT category, you live in a state that allows gay marriage and you're married, doesn't mean that you can adopt children. Many gay couples have a difficult time finding an adoption agency that will accept them and help them find a child to adopt ("Freedom to Marry"). They are also denied almost all types of joint parenting, foster care and child support ("Freedom to Marry"). Even if you get married to someone who already has a kid or kids, doesn't mean that you can have joint parenting ("Freedom to Marry). LGBT rights also have a sign which is usually a rainbow and can be portrayed on clothing or flags.

My Big Question

My big question was, "How are LGBT couples, teens and adults treated differently than straight couples or people". I did find out the answer to my question but it has many answers. I learned that most married or unmarried LGBT have trouble with adopting or joint parenting ("Freedom to Marry"). Another answer to my question is if one of the partners in the relationship dies, the other one does not get any days off from work to mourn, they have to take it out of their vacation time ("Freedom to Marry"). LGBT teens are also treated differently and are often bullied because of their sexual orientation (Riese).