By: Mason Medine

What is the columbian exchange?

The columbian exchange is when columbas and his men brought new foods to the "new world. " At this point many people were starving because they didn't have that much food. This is were columbas and his men come to the new world and save the day with alot of food. And that is how we, today have all the food that we need to live.

The postive results that happened to the columbian exchange.

The postive results of the columbian exchange is how they introduced us into new foods like banana's, wheat, and tomatoes. With out columbas and his men we wouldn't have these foods today.

Some of the negative results.

There is only one or two results that effected people. One bad result of a potato was that it was killing some of the native americans because there was a fungus on it and it was killing them. Most of the native americans were living and repopulating.

This is why you should vote for the Columbian Exchange.

You should vote for the Columbian Exchange because we need the different foods from the different places.
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