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September 16, 2019


Reflections Of Why We Teach

I've spend 15 years in the business of education and I know I'm definitely a better educator in year 15 than I was in years one and two. I wish I could apologize to my first group of students. This definitely doesn't mean that I have it all figured out in year 15. There are still students every year that I never quite reach. I've often felt there was something more I could have done for students.

If we embrace the idea that we will never master teaching, we can use these challenges as motivators to keep us going. Great teachers inspire not because they know everything, but because they are constantly learning and growing long with their students. Remember that no matter how much education changes, kids will always need good teachers, and we will always need them right back.

Have a great week and as always... It's a Great Day to be a Chieftain!

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Calendar of Events

Tuesday, 9/17

  • Conference Periods: Cleverboard Training
  • Enrichment: Seniors SPC Registration

Wednesday, 9/18

  • 7:30 am Faculty Meeting in Conference Center

Thursday, 9/19

  • 8:15 am Juniors ASVAB in Conference Center
  • 5:00 pm CMS vs Dimmitt

Friday, 9/20

  • 10:00 am Laws on Sexting Presentation in Gym
  • 7:00 pm CHS @ Dimmitt

Saturday, 9/21

  • Cross Country @ Plainview Invitational

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