Scottsboro Boys

Brooklynn Johnson


~ The Scottsboro Boys consisted of nine African Americans from Alabama.

~ They were all under the age of 20.

~ All of them were accused for the rape of a White woman in 1931.

~ The trials for the men lasted a total of 8 years.

~ All of the men were sentenced to death by an electric chair and life in prison but were ruled not guilty.

Key Person

Andy Wright

Both Andy and his brother Roy were apart of the Scottsboro Boys. However, Andy admitted fighting with the boys on the frieght train, but he didn't admit to the rape. Andy was one of the main factors of the trials because hestood up for everyone even though he wasn't the oldest. In addition to this, he wanted justice served for him and his brother. He was also named "the best natured" of the Scottsboro Boys for his attitude of trying stick up for everyone. He was also named the "hero".

Important Events

April 9th 1931- All nine of the men have been tried and all are sentenced to death except for the 13 year old Roy Wright who has been sentenced to life in prison.

May 27th 1932- The whole case retried for the fact of so many people fighting for their justice.

July 24th 1937- All charges against the men have been dropped. All nine men are free.

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