Nuclear Power

How It All Works By Ehab and Hasan

What Happens In a Nuclear Plant?

Many generators power the nuclear plant which causes the turbines to spin around, the water that goes through, gets boiled and turns into steam witch comes out the top of the nuclear plant.

What Energy Is Found In Nuclear Plants?

Nuclear energy comes from nuclear plants, nuclear energy is used to make WMD's. They Make NUKES! Nuclear energy is very dangerous.

Where are Nuclear Power Plants Found?

Nuclear power plants are usually located in clear places and they are not near residential areas, incase something bad happens in the power plant.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Nuclear Power Plant

Advantage: Many nuclear power plants are safe if they are on FULL SUPERVISION.

Disadvantage: if miss used a nuclear power plant it WILL BLOW. just like the one in japan last year, don't want that do you.