Terabyte Twosday

Almost Every Other Tuesday (if I remember)

Thanks edcamp Forsyth for a Great Event!

This week's Terabyte Tuesday will include flubaroo and Matific which were shared at the event.

Creating a Test Using Google Forms

Google Forms allows you to create surveys and aggregate the information in a Google Sheet. Click the link below for directions and a glimpse into an Add-on called FLUBAROO. Flubaroo is an Add-on that grades the survey for you.

8 steps to Create Engaging Google Forms


Matific - hands-on and interactive mini-games that support and reinforce math standards.

(Email Mo if you want more information or help creating a class.)

Sample Game

Digital Story Telling Apps on Our School iPads

Go to Brookwood's Staff Course in itslearning to view some tutorials about apps available on the school iPads. They can be found linked to the planner or in the 2015-16 How to in a folder called iPad Apps.