The Amazon river

Who/what is causing it.

The main reason that there's deforestation in the Amazon is due to new settlers and development on the land.

Why is it occurring?

There are many reasons of why it's occurring. There's construction of highways, need for farming land, room for cattle, valuable wood from the trees.
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How does it affect us/others

It doesn't really affect us in anyway but it affects the people living over in the amazon. It takes away from their oxygen supply, it could be taking away from their shelter, it also hurts the animals in a big way, It takes away from the animals habitat which kills them, or forces them to migrate somewhere else.

What can we/should be done to fix this issue.

I think they should ban the cutting of trees in the amazon. There should be a federal law against it and who ever breaks it should either get a huge fine and time in prison. We also need to find a way to save the animals homes by planting more trees or building some kind of habitat for them.
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