Daily Science News

By: Jonathan Valenzuela and Ruben Barragan

Conduction ,Convection ,and Radiation

Have you ever wondered how a hot air baloon ascends and decends?A flaqme blows hot air inside.The baloon as hot air goes in.The process of a hot air baloon getting bigger and smaller helps us understand convection,conduction and radiation.Radiation transfers electromagnetic waves that can move through a vacum.Conduction transfers eneregy between materials that are touching.Convection transfers heat through the movement of fluid.If a pocket of air is heated it will ascend up into the air.Convection occurs when thermal energy is transfered through a material by the movement of heat matter.The cuircualr motion of convection is the main way that heat energy is trnasfered in the atmosphere.In conclusion there are many things that can help us better understand conduction,convection,and radiation.