YOU need to move to mercury now!

how long will it take?

to get to mercury it doesn't take so long it may take 8.3min to get there!

but i may take longer for you to buy your tickets and pack to leave and also to get all you stuff in the rocket and the rocket to start, but you know what its worth it!! :D

What should i bring?

you may what to know what to bring and i can tell you.

You should bring a lot of sunscreen because its pretty hot, you need water,food,space suit,boots,oxygen,fans and the most import Family and Friends!! ^ - ^

What can i do on mercury?

what can you do to have fun in mercury you may ask,well i can answer that!

You can play sports like soccer,beach ball,base ball,swimming in our big pool we have to cool of and you can also go to the mall that we have,try our new sport called moon dive,or you may be an person that like the indoors so go to our library and also take a hike in our parks.(ex)

So you see there is a lot of thing you can do.

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mercury the god

this is the mercury he is a god from roman time,

mercury the plant was name after him

Isn't that cool?

Quick facts

1.Distance from sun 57,910,000 km

2 size of mercury 2,440 km

3 length of rotation 87.97 days

4 whats it made of iron

5 length of years 88 days 15h and 30min

6 numbers of moons 0 moons

7 who discovered it know since ancient times

what are the differences of earth and mercury

if you are thinking what are the differences of earth and mercury will i will tell you.

earth is made out of 70% water and mercury is made out of iron.

earth's atmosphere made of Nitrogen and mercury is hydrogen.

earth's size is 6,371 km and mercurys is 2,440 km

earth's number of moons is 1 and mercury's is o

earths distance from sun is 149,500,000 km

mecury's is 57.910,000km