It's Easier Being Green

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It's March 17th, and everywhere we look we are inundated with the color green -- emails and texts peppered with shamrocks, college students wearing green t-shirts (while staggering out of local taverns - at 9am!), green grass growing (for the first time in a long time in California - Thank you, El Nino!), and even ugly St. Patty's Day sweaters (since when is that a thing?!)

There are many reasons we are seeing green... but what about being GREEN?

You may think I mean going green... being environmentally friendly. Although I'm all for that, I'm referring to being green. Being wet behind the ears. Being new at something. A newcomer. A newbie. (A noob, if you prefer.)

You may think of being new as a negative thing...

new kid on the block, inexperienced, unqualified.

What's so good about being green?

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