Health Triangle


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What do you hope to accomplish during high school?

I don’t really know what I’ll accomplish. Hopefully I’ll get better at talking to a crowd. I have terrible stage fright. I hope to pass all my classes with A’s and B’s. Hopefully.

What do you see yourself doing after high school?

I want to go to college. I’m not really sure which one right now, nut hopefully I’ll get accepted to the one I want to go to. I might go to a technical school but my brother said universities are look better on a resume.

What do you hope your life will be like in your 20’s?

In my early 20’s after college—hopefully I’ll go—I want to have a job. Not a Wendy’s or Burger King job, but a real job with good pay above minimum wage.

3 things you could do to improve your health.

For one, I could go out more and exercise when I get the chance, which happens to be often. I could certainly eat healthier and bring my own lunch instead eating school lunch. I could also do better at home a not eat as much junk food.

At home you like to…

At home I like sleep, and type one of my many books. I also like to read.

At school you like to…

At school I like to read and type one of my many books.

People you like to hang out with…

I like to hang out with outgoing people. They don’t care what other people think of them and are loyal to the ones who accept them as they are. Not only are they outgoing, they’re weird in a good way and crazy most of the time. They give me confidence I otherwise wouldn’t have.

You are good at…

I am good at reading although I don’t know what my reading level is. I like to write and according to my friends and family I’m good at it.

A quality you like about yourself and a quality you would like to change.

I like the fact that I’m loud and encouraging but I’ll listen when necessary. A quality I would change is my shyness around strangers. I don’t know how I met my friends since I’m so shy around people I don’t know.

Something new you’d like to try.

I’d like to try driving. I’ve never driven before because my dad says I’m too young. I’d also like to go out of the country. I’ve been out of state but never the country.

What do you feel like are positives and negatives on your health today?

My physical health is definitely lacking. I don’t exercise like I should and I eat irregularly. Some days I skip meals not because I’m not hungry, I just don’t time.