Gopher Community,

I hope this communication finds everyone safe and healthy as we continue to navigate through COVID-19. We here at GHS are working hard each and every day to provide a top of the line education. Our teachers continue to innovate and research new ways to engage your student through Distance Learning.

Below you will find a host of announcements, so please make sure to go through all sections. As a reminder, we will communicate designated timelines for our continued Distance Learning model through the District Office. So we don't inundate you with emails- please remember to surf our GHS homepage for announcements, as well as the GBSD- district home page.

We are in this together! Please continue to follow COVID-19 regulations.

Go Gophers!

Drake Shelton


GHS student news program-Gopher Nation News will keep you informed about the latest news on and off-campus.

New episodes will be posted twice a month. Click the following link to subscribe to the Gopher Nation News youtube channel and to watch the latest episode:


GHS is still going through the process of #Forward. Through the #Forward shift- we are still planning to roll-out:

- Accelerate Programming

- Dual Credit

- University Partnerships

Due to COVID-19, we have had to restructure our timelines- due to the State of Oregon's (ODE) shift in Dual Credit offerings, resources available, and a host of other nuances within the plan. Once ODE releases new guidelines for Dual Credit and University Partnerships- we will have a better sense of our community rollout.

We will also send information for parent/stakeholder input sessions (virtually). Before we can schedule input sessions- we will need direction from ODE. The direction from ODE will hopefully come before the holidays- so please be on the lookout for #Forward-Input sessions.

GBSD Online Expectations for Students and Families

GBSD Online Expectations for Students and Families


  • Always be respectful and courteous to other students and teachers during online class meetings/lessons. Inappropriate language, hate speech or symbols, offensive or threatening comments; misrepresentation of identity, and/or disruptive behavior by any participants during online class meetings/lessons will not be tolerated.

  • Students must use their GBSD email account to log into online class meetings/lessons.

  • Login credentials must not be shared. Sharing of login information violates other students’ and teachers’ rights to confidentiality, and could allow class participation by unauthorized persons and/or lead to disruptive behaviors that detract from a productive and positive learning environment.

  • Students who are disruptive in online class meetings/lessons will receive appropriate consequences in accordance with the Parent/Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook and as outlined in the Restorative Practices statement below.

  • Consequences may result in temporary or permanent loss of technology access, which could prevent the student from participating in online class meetings/lessons. Students receiving this consequence would have assignments provided to the student’s parent/guardian.

  • Students will adhere to the provisions identified under the Gresham Barlow School District Policy IIBGA

Parents and Families

To maintain a positive, productive learning environment and assure confidentiality for students and teachers during distance learning, all parents/guardians are asked to follow the following privacy guidelines.

  • Online class meetings/lessons are designed for students. To prevent disruptions to the learning environment, parents/guardians should not actively participate in online class meetings/lessons, although parents/guardians may assist their child with technology and/or remain nearby.

  • Help the student choose a setting in the house that minimizes distractions to the child as well as to others participating in the online meetings/lessons. This includes family members that may be appearing in the background or can be heard.

  • Do not video record, audio record, photograph, live stream, or transmit in any other way any part of an online class meeting/lessons, including not posting on any social media platform.

  • Any confidential or personally identifiable information related to students participating during online class meetings/lessons should not be collected, discussed or shared.

  • Parents/guardians should not engage with students during online class meetings/lessons. If parents need to speak with their child during an online class meeting/lessons, first mute the child’s microphone.

  • For devices that have been checked out from the school district, the device is to be used for Gresham-Barlow School learning class work only. Parent/guardian(s), are responsible for monitoring student’s activities on the district device.

  • If a parent/guardian has a question, please email the child’s teacher.

All Students Belong

The Oregon Department of Education recognizes that student health and safety are at the cornerstone of education and that all students are entitled to a high-quality educational experience, free from discrimination or harassment based on perceived race, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or national origin, and without fear or hatred, racism or violence. All staff and leaders are also entitled to work in environments that are free from discrimination or harassment, and visitors should be able to participate in school activities without fear for their safety. Please refer to this link for further information from the Oregon Department of Education.

Restorative Practices Progression

  • If a student is repeatedly disrupting an online class meeting/lesson, teachers will remind the students of the behavioral expectation.

  • If the disruption continues or escalates, the teacher will restate the expectation and remind the student that they may be muted or excluded from the remainder of that online class meeting/lesson.

  • If the student is muted or excluded from an online class meeting/lesson, the teacher will follow up with the student and have a restorative conversation. A restorative conversation focuses on:

    • Talking about the behavior or incident without blaming.

    • Using relational questions to bring out who was affected and how

    • Discuss what needs to happen to make things right.

  • If the disruption is discriminatory, threatening, or harassing, the student will be removed from the online class meeting/lesson immediately. The teacher will follow up with a restorative conversation and other consequences as warranted.

  • Anytime a student is removed from an online class meeting/lesson it will be documented with a major or minor behavior referral.

  • Anytime a student is removed from an online class meeting/lesson, the parent will be notified.

Restorative Inquiry

Basic practice that frames how we hold ourselves and each other accountable. Building the community’s understanding and use of language such as - relationship, accountability, harm, impact, and repair. Using language that doesn’t blame; speaking in terms of harm done rather than rules broken. Utilizing active empathic, and compassionate questioning instead of assuming/accusing.

Fall Attendance at GHS

We have started the year off strong with student attending classes regularly. Our students currently have an 89% average daily attendance rate; this means the average student at GHS attends 89% of the time. (This is the same as missing 1 day every two weeks of school.) The GHS teachers are working hard to ensure students have engaging opportunities to learn every day.

We are seeing the lowest attended day as Wednesday. There is only one, 20 minute Advisory class on Wednesday mornings, please encourage your students to attend. It's the easiest day of classes all week long! The remainder of the school day on Wednesday is for students to complete any unfinished work or projects for classes.

Reminders on how students can be marked present for a class period. Each day, for each class, students need to:

  • Attend synchronous class period
  • Email, call or text teacher
  • Submit work to the teacher

Greetings from the Counseling Center!

We want to let all parents know that our Google Voice phone/text numbers are temporarily disabled. We are aware of the problem and are working to resolve it. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us (your child's School Counselor and Social Worker) by email or by calling the Main office at 503-674-5500.

Some teachers are getting their 2nd quad Google Classrooms ready. You might see some periods with multiple Google Classrooms. Your student should be going by the classes in their StudentVUE for Quad 1. Quad 1 will end November 13th and Quad 2 classes will begin November 16th.

Schedule corrections

Schedule Corrections for Quad 1 are closed as of September 25th. The form to request corrections for Quads 2-4 is available here at this link.

Important Dates:

Quad 1

Pass/No Pass Deadline October 23rd. Request the Pass/No Pass form from your School Counselor

Quad 2

Begins November 16th

Deadline for Schedule Corrections November 20th

Pass/No Pass Deadline December 18th

Quad 3

Begins February 1st, 2021

Deadline for Schedule Corrections February 5th, 2021

Pass/No Pass Deadline March 5th, 2021

Quad 4

Begins April 19th

Deadline for Schedule Corrections April 23rd, 2021

Pass/No Pass Deadline May 21st, 2021

We are here to support you! If you are in need of resources or support, please check our resource page.

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Keeping your family's information up to date is crucial to receiving timely communication from Gresham-Barlow School District and ensures that you can be contacted in case of an emergency. This year all updates can be done online through your ParentVUE account. After logging in to ParentVUE, click on the “Online Registration” tab in the top right-hand corner to start the verification process.


"Paying for College" Webinar - GHS Juniors, Seniors, and their families should register for this invaluable event presented by The College Place Oregon.

What: Financial aid night for students and parents, covering:

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Oregon Student Aid Application (ORSAA) and
  • How to search for additional FREE money to pay for college.
  • Live Q&A at the end of the event!

When: Oct 21, 2020, 6 p.m.

  • Register here for free.

For families who are not able to attend this event, we have a recording of this workshop in English and in Spanish from September.

For more information please contact Lenka Cervenkova,


Class of 2021!

A graduation information packet has been mailed to your home! Yes, that is correct- we are already talking about graduation... Cap, Gown, Graduation Announcements along with your Class Ring can begin to be ordered -October 19th-23rd.

  • Information on a contest through Jostens detailing how to get your entire graduation order for FREE will be coming soon.
  • Order online or call (503) 255-7120 to place an order!!
  • A short video has been inserted below for your viewing pleasure- Go Gophers- Class of 2021

Contact our front office for any support needed (503)- 674-5500- Gresham High School

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As we enter the 2020-2021 athletic season at Gresham High, all Gophers will be starting sports workouts on virtual platforms. Student-athletes will have the opportunity to do virtual workouts on their own and also meet with their teams for meetings, skill building, and support. We hope this will provide our student-athletes with an opportunity to maintain their fitness but also to stay connected with their friends, teammates and coaches.

Before doing any workouts, athletes must be cleared through the GHS athletics office. Go to the GHS Athletics Page to find the form. There is no charge to participate but athletes will need a current physical.

For most teams, workouts will be done in an app and website called Train Heroic (, where students will sign up for a free account and get connected to their teams at GHS. Coaches will be able to post workouts there for athletes for their sports. Our multi-sport athletes should plan on selecting one workout per day. On days where there is a team meeting, I recommend doing that team’s workout on that day. Student-athletes are not required to participate in any of these sessions but it is recommended.

Below is a schedule of what a week of workouts and team meetings will look like. There are some adjustments for individual teams (coaches will inform athletes of these changes) but for the most part this is the system in which all Gopher athletes will be working.

Sample Week Schedule

Student-athletes are not required to participate in all sessions.


  • Single sport Train Heroic workout (about 60 minutes)


  • Single sport Train Heroic workout (about 60 minutes)

  • Fall sport meeting/workout with coach and team (about 30-45 minutes)


  • Single Sport Train Heroic workout (about 60 minutes)

  • Winter sport meeting/workout with coach and team (about 30-45 minutes)


  • Single sport Train Heroic workout (about 60 minutes)

  • Spring sport meeting/workout with coach and team (about 30-45 minutes)


  • Single sport Train Heroic workout (about 60 minutes)


  • Possible sport activities at coach discretion

If you have any questions about workouts and meetings, please reach out to your coach. If you have any other questions, please contact Mr. Gonrowski at

Go Gophers!

Ty Gonrowski

Athletic Director


According to the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) OSAA and the OASC, “interscholastic sports and performing arts activities promote citizenship and sportsmanship in the 11+ million students who participate nationwide. Activities programs instill a sense of pride in school and community, teach lifelong lessons and skills of teamwork and self-discipline and facilitate the physical and social-emotional development of the nation’s youth.”

Currently, our ASB/Student Council and Renaissance Leadership programs set their sites on overcoming the challenges faced during virtual learning. Both leadership entities have installed new leadership, committees and representatives to transform the 2020-21 school year. These amazing students have hit the ground running by collaborating their strengths to collectively create a positive experience at Gresham High School.

The Associated Student Body and Student Council (ASB/StuCo) is comprised of individuals seeking to develop their leadership skills and knowledge of governmental structure. Our ASB/StuCo representatives have been working tirelessly as a cohesive team establishing and creating ways to enhance school pride, spirit and culture. ASB/StuCo student leaders have used innovative means to promote and connect with the messages and needs of school administration, educators, students and the school-community as a whole.

In addition, our Renaissance Leadership have formed their committee structures to tackle community-driven promotional support goals. Renaissance Leadership assists in connecting GHS to the larger Gresham and East county community. These student leaders are conducting mindful outreach projects to “uplift” our students and educators. Renaissance Leadership is currently embarking on annual community support heading into the holiday season in planning for preparing "Thanksgiving Food Boxes”. This is an annual service learning project that provides for others through contacting community members and businesses to collectively join the supporting the cause. Please consider supporting these amazingly selfless student leaders.

Furthermore, we would like to acknowledge the newest members of the National Honor Society (NHS). These leadership members were inducted into the Gresham High School NHS chapter during a special "Virtual Induction Ceremony". NHS Advisor Hoan Tran, current GHS NHS members, Principal Drake Shelton, Ms. Allison Brink and Activities Director Brian Davis were in attendance to celebrate the occasion to welcome 50 new juniors into the GHS chapter. This NHS selection process brought forth some of the best and brightest Gresham Gophers that we have to offer.

The NHS is a prestigious, national organization that recognizes outstanding high school students who have demonstrated excellence in the four pillars of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. To be eligible to become a member of the NHS chapter, students must be in grades hold at least a 3.5 GPA; show meaningful examples of volunteer work or voluntary contributions to the school or community; demonstrate leadership skills through roles in the school and community; and exhibit strength of character. These individuals are not only recognized for past accomplishments, but are also challenged to develop further through involvement in school activities and community service.

This induction has brought 50 new members with different strengths into our organization to collectively reach our goals of completing service projects to better our community while maintaining excellence in scholarship, leadership, and character. Students accepted into NHS are truly outstanding and had to undergo a rigorous process to demonstrate their accomplishments. These students are actively serving, leading, and attaining their best regardless of the title. As a school, we are truly inspired more and more every year by Ms. Hoan Tran and our NHS students. We are excited to be celebrating them! Congratulations to the new National Honor Society inductees at Gresham High School! GO GOPHERS!!!"

In conclusion, through finding activities of interest at Gresham High School, students learn how to become better members of the Gresham community. True change happens when things are learned, practiced and reflected upon. We want to inspire and encourage all students at Gresham High School to grow through their interests and opportunities in various activities...from being their best self and moving towards being future leaders. Even though we have only mentioned a few activities in this communication, offering opportunities in a variety of activities encourages our students to recognize the connection to their own personal growth, leadership development and improving community through purposeful actions.

Brian Davis, M.Ed., CSAQS

Gresham High School

Activities Director | Student Leadership

Track & Field Coach | Sprints & Jumps


What is SUN's role during COVID?

  • Multnomah County has directed all County funded SUN Sites (GHS is a County funded SUN Site) to primarily focus on direct client service. This means that the money will be used to support families directly.
  • SUN is still working with our partner organizations and will be providing supports to students and families similar to during a normal school year.
  • SUN will also be offering some online classes as we did in the spring of last year. More information about which classes will be coming soon.
  • We will be working on some projects like stocking our new clothing closet and other smaller projects.


Parents, have you heard about TRIO?

TRIO is a program that supports students at Gresham High School as they prepare for college. As a TRIO participant, students receive college admission support, scholarship/financial aid workshops, academic advising, and study skills instruction. Students also get the opportunity to do career exploration, attend campus tours, and cultural enrichment field trips (paused during the pandemic). TRIO is a federally-funded program that provides free services to first-generation students and/or students who face financial barriers to attend college.

To apply visit:

For questions, please contact Davy Em at

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Early Escalera is recruiting now!

Early Escalera is recruiting now!

ATTENTION STUDENTS! Do you want to meet new people? Learn about college and universities? Or are simply bored from quarantining? Latino Network’s Early Escalera program has come back to Gresham High School. This time, virtually! We listen to students. We offer academic, mental, and moral support. Come learn about other cultures, politics, and music all while having fun!

Come visit one of our sessions, and get to learn more about our planned activities for this year. Participants of these sessions have an opportunity to win $10, $15, or $20 gift cards!

To apply or request further information, please fill this form:

For questions, please contact Charli Isidro: or (503) 929-5577

Early Escalera está reclutando ahora!

¡ATENCIÓN ESTUDIANTES! Quieres conocer a otros estudiantes? ¿Quieres aprender sobre colegios y universidades? El programa Early Escalera de Latino Network ha regresado a Gresham High School. ¡Esta vez, virtualmente! Escuchamos a nuestros estudiantes. Ofrecemos apoyo académico, mental y moral. ¡Ven a aprender sobre otras culturas, política y música mientras te diviertes!

Venga a visitar una de nuestras sesiones y conozca mas sobre nuestras actividades planificadas para este año. ¡Los participantes de estas sesiones tienen la oportunidad de ganar tarjetas de regalo de $10, $15, o $20!

Para aplicar o solicitar mas informacion, por favor complete este formulario

Si tiene preguntas, comuníquese con Charli Isidro: o (503) 929-5577


The office hours will be from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. If you have questions please call our main number (503-674-5500). Currently our buiilding is closed to the public. If you need to access a staff member in person please call the school first to get directions on how this can occur.





To access our school calendar please click on the Gresham High School like below this article. This will take you to our home page on our website. Our calendar is located on the left hand side of the page.