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Related diseases

  • A associated disease of polio is aseptic meningitis
  • the the scientific name is Poliomyelitis


  • the size of the virus is 30nm
  • Polio is spread when the stool of an infected person is introduced into the mouth of another person through contaminated water and food
  • it infects children mostly
  • and its lytic


  • fever
  • sore throat
  • headache
  • vomiting
  • fatigue
  • back pain or stiffness
  • pain in arms and legs
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where its from

Polio originated from the greek while there is currently an outbreak in the middle east
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likely victim

the most likely person to get polio is a child younger than 5 and white people are most likely to get it
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polio is treated with

  • painkillers to relieve headaches muscle aches and muscle spasms
  • antibiotics for urinary tract infections
  • ventilators for help with breathing
  • braces to help with walking
  • physical therapy
  • heating pads ,warm towels to ease muscle spasms and aches

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how to prevent

to help to prevent take (ipv) inactivated poliovirus vaccine between 2 months and 6 years old
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