Ariel's Crazy Life!

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Ariels Book Nook

Through out the past couple of months I have had constant recommendations to read the novel The Fault in Our Stars. Over the winter break I finally got the opportunity to read the book, and to say the least it was one of the best books I have ever read. The Fault in Our Stars is about Hazel Grace, a sixteen year old girl who has Thyroid cancer and is forced by her mother to attend a cancer support group. An activity that Hazel expects nothing out of turns out to be a day that will change the rest of her life, for at this meeting she meets Gus, a boy who is in remission from osteosarcoma. The whole novel takes the reader on the journey of the relationship of these two characters and the ups and downs of being a teenager with cancer. From the synopsis they might sound like a sappy love story, but this book is so much more then that, it really opens peoples eyes to struggles that the world is sheltered from. In the book Gus tells Hazel “Grief does not change you, Hazel. It reveals you,”quotes that make you think, fill the pages of John Greens novel, and will no doubly be a classic that will be remembered for decades.

Team IPhone!

This Christmas I got an IPhone 5S! I have wanted an IPhone for a really long time, but for a really long time I have been stuck with a "dumb" phone, otherwise known as a slider phone, but now I can officially say I am Team IPhone! As of right now I would not trade it for anything because it gives me the ability to text, call, get on social media, play games and also has an alarm that I use to wake me up every morning. It literally is like my life all packaged up into a device. I know down the road there will be items that will be more valuable, but for now my IPhone is my new pride and joy!

Laughter+ Fighting + Memories = Family

I am very blessed to have an amazing family that loves to spend time together! My dads side of the family gets together A LOT, and I love it! I have created memories with them that I will remember forever! Every Sunday we get together and have dinners together, and during the holidays we always have big get together's. For example, every New Years Eve we get together and eat delicious food and play board games until midnight. I am especially close to my dads younger two siblings, because they are closer to my age and are really easy to talk too. I could not imagine a life without my crazy family and love the adventure I have been able to experience because of their influence!