Hawaiian duck

By L.F.


  • endangered species due to mating with mallard ducks and loss of habitat
  • length for males is 19-20 inches females are 16-17 inches (wikipedia)
  • weight for males are 21-26 oz females are 18-23 oz (wikipedia)
  • covered in feathers to stay warm
  • communicates by quacking

Food chain and habitat

  • lives off of fresh water vegetation
  • feeds on mollusks, insects, and other aquatic invertebrates
  • find food in freshwater, ponds, and other waters
  • are omnivores because they eat vegetation, insects, and mollusks
  • hunt insects hiding or floating in water then catches it with its beak


  • live in the Hawaiian islands
  • islands include Hawaii, Oahu, and Maui
  • environmental terrain includes coastal swamp, fresh water ponds, flooded grasslands, marshes, lakes, etc.
  • live in sunny climates and warm water
  • home is a nest made of sticks

Reasons for endangerment and critical information

  • main cause for endangerment is mating with mallard ducks which results in hybrids that can't adapt to their habitat
  • humans are taking the habitat which the ducks need for survival
  • pigs, dogs, cats, and mongoose attack their nests and eat their babies
  • many of their eggs are eaten by bullfrogs and bass
  • they don't understand that they should not mate with mallard ducks
  • owners of hawaiian ducks or mallard ducks need to be educated on how to take care of their ducks and keep them from leaving their property
  • bigger efforts need to be made to protect hawaiian ducks and their wetland habitats
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