Gambling Ruins Lives Organization

Reasons Why it is Bad

1. It can pull apart families due to addiction.

2. Make you lose large amounts of money.

3. Can effect work and your work ethic.

Casinos are homewreckers

Casinos are always trying to steal your money by making you play games that you can not win. They make you become addicted to them and you keep coming back with no other in the world. They tear apart familiesdue to the addictionand your career.

Fight with us and Steven seagal

Steven Believes in stoping casinos and gambling because he has seen what it does to families and peoples lives. Help us fight with him to stop casinos.

Follow the Winning Side

We have already gained 20 million peoples respect and have gaines much support over five years. FIght for the wright cause and winning side to stop these people who pull apart peoples lives.

How I Did it

I used name calling by saying the casinos were home wreckers. I also gave reason as to wh they were. I then used the testimonial technique to sway people with a movie star Steven Seagal to believe what he is fighting because he is very popular and has a lot of support. I then used the bandwagon technique to sway people in our favor by making them believe that we were the winning and wright side. I don't believe in casinos because they take a lot of money away from people a lot of time they ruin a families relationship and their own lives. I have seen it happen and I don't want it to hapen again.