Camera Angles and Shots

[HD] Exclusive Dog Shock Collar Doritos Commercial Super Bowl 44 2010 Super Bowl XLIV


First the video starts off with a wide shot to show the viewers that they are at a park. Next is a point of view shot of the dog and than a close up on the shock collar. The shock collar will have some type of meaning later in the story, foreshadowing. Then it's back to a point of view shot of the dog to show that the guy is cruel and wants the dog to speak so the dog will get shocked. Then the shot is Over the Shoulder to show the dog taking off the collar. After it goes to a medium close up to show enough of whats going on. Then the dog puts the collar back around the mans neck and barks so it will shock the man.

Wide Shot

Medium Shots

Close Up

Other Shots

All The Angles

Rule Of The Third

The rule of the third is what a photographer uses to try to get a good picture. Like if its important the important part is in the middle.