Great white shark

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Great white shark facts

The great white shark is one of the most powerful predator in the ocean he is also one of the biggest shark he can weight more than 2.4 tons his length is 12-21 feet (4-6meters) his regular colors are grey, black, and white he can live up to 30 to40 years. The great white shark can be found in areas like Australia , South Africa , California , and Mexico ocean and their food is seals , Dolphins , fish, and whales. The great white shark is most of the time 1m deep to1200 deep the shark also has about 300 teeth and they have them in rows and their teeth never stop growing.this shark has a very strong sense of smell that he can sniff out a single droop of blood in 26 gallons of water the Sharks do not have any bones they have a skeleton made of cartilage that makes them more flexible .the eyes of the great white shark are able to see in the darkness of deep waters . The las fact the this shark is that they can have about 35 babies


The water needs to be not to hot and not to cold the water need to be fresh , of cures the water need to be slaty
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Role in the ecosystem

This sharks are carnivores
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12-21feets(4-6 meters)
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