MAV Weekly October 15, 2021

Mountain View High School

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Main Office- (208) 855-4050

Attendance Line- (208) 855-4063

Transportation Questions- (208) 229-8500

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October 20- Parent Teacher Conferences- 4:00-8:00 (online)

October 21- Parent Teacher Conferences- 4:00-7:30 (online)

October 22- No School- End of 1st Quarter

November 22-26- Thanksgiving Holiday Break- No School

December 3- Collaboration- No School
December 20-31- Winter Holiday Break- No School
January 3- School Resumes

May 28 @ 11AM Ford Idaho Center

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parents and Guardians,

Parent Teacher conferences schedule is as follows:

  • Wednesday October 20th from 4pm-8pm
  • Thursday October 21st from 4-7:30pm

All conferences will be virtual. Please watch this video for instructions on how to sign up for conferences.

Please click here for conference sign up page.

Please be sure to log into PowerSchool and view your students' schedule to ensure you are selecting your students' teachers. If you accidentally sign up for a conference with someone that is not your students' teacher, please cancel the appointment.

We look forward to seeing you at conferences.

Please remember, when your conference time arrives, conferences are 7 minutes long. Please respect this so teachers can transition from one meeting to the next. If you need more time, email the teacher to arrange a time to talk further.

Thank An Educator

Dear MVHS Parents/Guardians and Students,

I am reaching out to you for a small favor. We are now into a month of school and our MVHS teachers and staff have done an amazing job kicking off the school year doing great things. They have continued to focus on their students and learning through another extremely difficult year.

My request is to simply email a teacher or staff member in the next few days and just let them know how much you appreciate them. It is a complex balancing act right now and their job, like many others, has changed drastically over the last 18 months.

We have an amazing staff and I would love for them to feel the appreciation that you have for them. I cannot express to you how much this would mean to the staff. Thank you for taking a minute out of your day to love on our staff!

Here is a link to our staff directory with emails for easy access MVHS Directory

Truly Much Thanks!

Scot Montoya


Staff Shortages- State Superintendent's Letter

Education is experiences a shortage of staff; custodial, substitutes, lunchroom, and bus drivers.

To read a letter from the State Superintendent, see below:

English: Click here

Spanish: Click here

Student Device Protection Plan

Optional Device Protection Plan Enrollment Ends October 31

West Ada School District offers an Optional Device Protection Plan to families to cover accidental breakage or damage that might occur to their student's iPad or laptop.

This voluntary protection plan is available for $25 per device, per year, and covers repairs or replacement due to accidental damage.

Accidental damages may include; drops, spills, vandalism, loss, theft, and incidental damage to another student’s device. Device protection does not cover intentional damage to a device or damaged and/or lost district-provided accessories, i.e., cases, chargers, pens, or hotspots.

Please see the Parent-Student Device Handbook or Optional Device Protection Plan in the Student Handbooks for detailed information on this plan.

The Optional Device Protection Plan enrollment period is August 16-October 31.
Families may sign-up and pay for Optional Device Protection through the Payment Portal located in PowerSchool.
Please refer to for detailed information on how to enroll in this program.

Families are responsible for the repair or replacement of devices that are damaged, lost, or stolen outside acceptable use guidelines published in student handbooks. Device protection is a voluntary, non-refundable, yearly cost for each device. Families may be able to add student devices to their homeowners or renters insurance plan and may consider these alternatives prior to purchasing the Optional Device Protection.

Common repair and replacement costs are outlined below.


Laptop Replacement*$350-$500

*Replacement costs are based upon the age of the device

Laptop Screen$300

Laptop System Board$300

Hinge Replacement$70


Audio Jack$50

Laptop Case$50


FAFSA Completion Nights

FAFSA Completion Nights for seniors and parents! If you need help completing the FAFSA for college financial aid, we are offering FAFSA assistance on:

Wednesday, 10/20 from 4:30-7:30 and

Thursday, 10/21 from 4:00-7:00 in the Career Center at MVHS.

Sign up and find a list of what to bring HERE!

If you have questions, please contact the Career Center at

The Students Below Attended The Hispanic Leadership Summit @ BSU

Parent Drop Off Map

Please follow the drop off route displayed in the map.

Please do not park in fire lanes at any time, even after school hours when picking students up from sports/activities. You can pick them up use the parking lot in front of the gym. We appreciate your compliance as the street in front of the school is a narrow, two-lane street.


  • Taking a Trip or Vacation? If you know you are going to pull your student out of school for a trip or vacation, or any extended period of time, please have your student pick up a Pre-Approved Absence sheet from the main office. This helps us track attendance and helps your student get organized in their classes prior to being gone.
  • If you need to check your student out, please do so by calling the attendance office ahead of time. To get your student out of class, please call 45 minutes prior to the time you will be here to pick them up. If your student has an appointment in the morning, please call the day prior to the appointment. We appreciate your support!
  • If a student is absent please call the attendance line to report their absence.
  • Students that are in quarantine will attend school remotely and will not be marked absent.
  • Our school funding this year is based on attendance. Absences = less money for Mountain View High School. Please be in class. Teachers will be instructing bell to bell for maximized learning opportunities.
  • Attendance Line- (208) 855-4063

Reminder: Campus is Closed to Freshman

Parents/Guardians and Students,

We want to remind you that MVHS is a closed campus to freshman, meaning freshman are not allowed to leave campus during lunch (or any other time).

Thank you for your compliance.

Take Pride in Your School


We are very thankful to our leadership classes, STUCO students and special programs students for the work they do every day! These groups help pick up trash, sweep the floors and more!

Please do your part to keep the school clean. If you see trash, please pick it up. Always be responsible for your own trash, at the very least. This includes outside and in the parking lots.

District wide, we are short custodial staff, so if everyone can help out, our employees can be more effective with their time.

We want the cleanest school possible and we appreciate the help.


District tournament for varsity volleyball begins this weekend. Come support the MAVS. You can find tournament information at

Please check the athletics calendar for information on scheduled games.

Interested in donating to Mountain View athletics? Click here

*Athletics Home / MVHS Athletics Homepage (

Blue Collar Athletes- September

Congratulations to our September Bull Collar Athlete award recipients, Avery Bickford (volleyball) and Quintez Evans (football). Avery and Quintez were selected by their coaches for outstanding work ethic, character, and contributions to their team.


We are inviting you to participate in an important program offered in collaboration with Boise State University. We will be providing a series of 6 editions Parents are the Solution embedded in MAV Weekly. The 6-part series is designed to provide information about alcohol and other health behaviors to be discussed with your high school student. As you may know, drinking issues are a growing problem on high school campuses nationwide. In an effort to reduce the probability that high school students will engaging in underage drinking and/or become high-risk drinkers, we have developed a strategy to support parents/families as they take an active role in this process.

The information in this series is based on more than 20 years of research conducted by psychologists, doctors, teachers, and parents and family members like you. This approach emphasizes the importance of parents/families communicating with their high school students about the risks involved with alcohol use.

We invite you to use this resource. Each edition will be embedded in MAV Weekly. We encourage you to read each edition and discuss the information with your high school student.

Part 1 Flyer: View here

Part 2 Flyer: View here

October is Bully Prevention Month

October is bullying prevention month. During this month, 9th and 10th grade students will receive a lesson on bullying, cyberbullying, and positive friends presented by their teachers. Students will learn how to identify a bully, define bullying terms, and understand the consequences of bullying. At the end of the lesson students will create an action plan if they experience or witness bullying. To learn more about bullying and cyber safety check out


Yearbooks can be pre-ordered at using code 7808 for $65.

Attention Seniors

Senior dedications can be designed and paid for at using code 7808. Space is limited, so complete yours sooner than later!

Senior tux and drape photos will be on October 28th and 29th.

Please open this link if you are senior and choose your session option.

Writing Center

Need help cleaning up a paper? Come visit the writing center!

This year the Writing Center is being held in room 106 at lunch on Mondays and Wednesdays and before school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. These hours will start on September 20th!

MAV TIME: See Your Teachers Before School For Extra Help

MAV Time is time before school that is available to students that need extra help or want some one-on-one time with their teachers to improve their learning.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 7:10-7:40am is MAV time.
Students can make arrangements to see their teachers or stop by their room for help.

Saturday Tutoring: enter through the back of the school, new wing

Big picture


It is important that we are always practicing self-care. Students should be getting enough sleep, nutrition and practicing self-care daily. Rest, eating habits and daily routine effect their ability to be successful in school. Students can reach out to their counselor for help.

Be On Time!

Guardians and students, being on time is important. There are a handful of students in the hallways after the final bell has rung. The majority of tardies are seen 1st period and 3rd period. Please plan ahead and leave for school earlier and modify lunch plans to not be late. Please monitor your student's PowerSchool weekly to check their grades, attendance and tardies.

We play music with 2 minutes remaining in the passing period, this is the signal to students that class is starting soon. Students, please be on time. Guardians, please speak with your student about the importance of not being late.

Lunch detention has started for 4 or more tardies. The limit per class is 3.

Lunch detention is served on Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's

Don't Want To Be Put In Quarantine Isolation?

If your student does not want to be placed in quarantine isolation (at home) as a result of a classroom contact trace, they need to wear their mask correctly while in class (over nose and mouth).

Please see the health services page for more information.

Feeling Ill, Please Stay Home

The best way to stop the spread is to stay home if you are feeling ill.

Please see the symptoms/illness flowchart to help you decide if you should come to school or not. If you stay home, a guardian should call the school's attendance line and let them know you are out for illness. Then students should check teams for assignments and work on class work.

Synchronous Instruction- Students on Quarantine

The high school principals and the school district have determined that we would provide the following consistent practices in all of our buildings when a student is on quarantine.

  • All assignments / resources on TEAMS - TEAMS structure is consistent within each building
  • Synchronous learning opportunities are provided for students during direct instruction
  • Assessments will be taken in the building

Tips and Tricks for Students at Home

1. Go to Teams

2. Check Weekly Agenda – follow directions

3. Complete tasks – Join class on time, if live

4. Submit work according to class instructions

5. Still confused? Email your teacher (use school email, include period in subject line, ask a specific question)

Safety First - Parking Lot

Parking lot safety needs to be a priority for everyone. Please stay under 15mp while driving on campus. Please be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to pedestrians. Please do not ever park in the fire lane, even after school hours.

Mask Requirement Information

  • West Ada School District Administration has made the decision to maintain the mask requirement through October 8.
  • For details on mask mandate, please see the West Ada website.

ISAS - STEM Careers

Idaho Science and Aerospace Scholars (ISAS) offers a one-of-a-kind experience for Idaho high school juniors to explore science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers. The adventure starts in January with an online course. High achieving students earn the opportunity to attend the ISAS Summer Academy at Boise State and NASA ames Research Center in California.



We are excited to offer Mountain View High School students an option for dental cleaning services. West Ada School District and the Family Medical Residency of Idaho have teamed together to open a pediatric dental clinic serving children in the West Ada School District that do not have Medicaid or private dental insurance. The clinic is located on the Meridian Elementary School campus. It offers no cost dental cleanings to qualifying students.

During the week of October 29th the Meridian Schools Clinic has reserved appointments for Mountain View High School students. If your student does not have dental insurance and you would like to schedule a no cost dental cleaning for your student, please contact the Meridian Schools Clinic at 208-514-2527. If have any questions, please contact either of our school nurses, Rebecca or Sheryl, at 855-4050

Lost & Found

Lost and found items are collected throughout the month and placed under the stairway area, near the front entrance of the school. Items will be donated at the end of each month. If you lose something, please go through the lost and found prior to the end of the month.

Substitutes Needed: Parents, Please Consider Subbing for MVHS

Parents and Guardians,

We are in a district wide sub shortage. Please consider signing up to be a substitute teacher for West Ada School District. If you want to make arrangements to sub for MVHS, this can be worked out.

Check out substitute information here.

A bonus will be given each month if you work 10 full days or more.
$100 for 10-14 full days worked; $200 for 15 full days or more worked.

New High School Bell Schedule

Student Handbook

Parents and student digitally sign-off on handbooks via PowerSchool each year. Please review the Handbook with your student. It is an expectation that students follow handbook policies.


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